Yili Dairy launched high-protein yogurt, focusing on sport people
Keyword: Yili Dairy ,high-protein yogurt

On September 21, Yili announced the launch of BeiHuan High-protein Doubling yogurt, focusing on the nutritional needs of people who exercise one hour before and after exercise. The product contains 10g of high protein, plus fat-reducing CECT8145 patented probiotics, no sucrose added, and only 121kcal in calories, satisfying the multiple functions such as protein supplementation, muscle building and body fat control for people who exercise.


As consumer health consciousness gradually strengthened, sports population has become a force to be reckoned with emerging consumption, and targeted on the movement of yogurt products on the market at present are few and far between, as Yili Dairy giant beat a high-protein, reduced fat and convenient positioning, for the crowd of yogurt made good demonstration and scene segmentation.

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