Jellly candy and powder included in the health food filing dosage form in China
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Recently, China's state Administration for Market Regulation added two new food forms, jelly candy and powder, which can be used in the filing of vitamin and mineral products. During the health food registration in 2017, the ingredients that can be recorded are vitamin and mineral.


The dosage forms include tablets, hard capsules, soft capsules, oral liquid and particles The public will now solicit opinions, and the deadline for comments and suggestions feedback is September 28, 2020.


It is understood that as the ingredients of health food are gradually promoted in the future, the ingredients that can be used for filing will not only be vitamin and mineral products, but also include more functional ingredients that can be filed.


The product dosage forms (or food forms) of the ingredients that will be included in the list of ingredients for health food in the future will be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the list of ingredients for health food and supporting documents, and the list of ingredients for health food will be further adjusted and increased in the future.

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