Herbridge Online Meeting:Natural health products industry——Global trends in the first half of 2020
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Interpretation of global hot nutrition trends in the first half of 2020, what is the market trends in the second half of year and how enterprise to layout?


2020 is bound to be an extraordinary year for the health industry. For consumers, the outbreak of Covid-19 means health = immunity = competitiveness of life.


Based on this background, what new changes have taken place in the global consumer's market consumption behavior and the concept of buying healthy products? The US and Europe have been a leading for the development of the nutrition and health industry, What are the hot trends in North America and Europe in the first half of 2020? The development of new ingredients and new products focuses on which areas? These trends are opportunities or challenges for China enterprises, how to deal with these changes more leisurely?




Speaker:Samuel Wu,Aunutra Inc,General Manager

Presentation Topic:Covid-19 and the US Society  

 Dietary Supplement Industry Trend January-June 2020 

 Hot Products Analysis   

 How can Chinese botanical plants capture this exploding market growth.

 Is this high demand going to stay(future outlook of the industry)

 Compliancy of a Supplier for the D.S industry in the US.



Speaker:Daniel Mabey, UNPA Asia President

Presentation Topic: Status of the Natural Health Product Industry in the US

● Despite Covid 19, the US natural health product industry has seen more than a 20% increase in sales as people look to boost their immunity and stockpile products during this difficult time.

● Overview of current trends in 2020 and popular types of natural health products.

● Update on regulatory status of CBD products.

● Pet supplement market overview - a booming market.

● Chinese ingredients and raw materials suppliers are still very welcomed in the US market.

● New ingredient supply chain initiative.


Speaker:Wen tao Huang,Herbridge Media,Senior Health Industry Researcher

Presentation Topic: New face of global (European) market 2020

 The mainstream trend of natural health products industry in Europe in 2020

 New face of Global/European Market+ (Dosage、Technology、Product、Ingredients)

 Global market for natural ingredients for COVID-19 research

 Specific health sector needs in the Post-COVID-19 era

 Analysis of unconventional ingredients and products for the immune health market



11:50-12:30am  Discussion Pannel(3 speakers online together)


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