New food ingredients were accepted in the first quarter 2020: Tongkat Ali extract & Xanthoceras sorbifolia oil
Keyword: New food ingredients,Tongkat Ali extract & Xanthoceras sorbifolia oil

Since the beginning of 2020, the National Health Commission has accepted the following two new food ingredients. Recently, the National Health Commission's notice of review on Tongkat Ali extract and the notice of delay on Xanthoceras sorbifolia oil have been delivered.


Definition of new food ingredients:

New food ingredients shall have the characteristics of food ingredients, conform to the required nutritional requirements, be non-toxic and harmless, and do not cause any acute, subacute, chronic or other potential harm to human health.

The following articles that meet the above requirements and have no traditional eating habits in China belong to the declaration and acceptance scope of new food ingredients:

1. Animal plants and microorganisms;

2. Components isolated from animals, plants and microorganisms;

3. Food ingredients whose original structure has been changed;

4. Other newly developed food ingredients.

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