Intestinal microecological regulators were regards as anti-novel coronavirus plan
Keyword: Intestinal microecological regulators, Novel coronavirus

The pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan for novel coronavirus infection (trial fourth edition) released by the National Health Commission on January 27 mentioned the participation of intestinal microecological regulators in the treatment plan for novel coronavirus. On February 5, the fifth edition of the diagnosis and treatment program again mentioned that intestinal microbial modulators can be used for other treatment measures in severe and critical cases.

Li lanjuan, director of the National Key Laboratory for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, also mentioned many times that most critically ill patients in this outbreak have intestinal flora disorders. Moreover, it reaffirmed the helpful role of microecological preparations in the prevention and treatment of the epidemic, regulated the intestinal microecological balance, and reduced bacterial secondary infection.

Source: Shanghai Securities News

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