Qinqin food launched functional jelly products
Keyword: Qinqin food, functional jelly

Qinqin food has been fully launched “Yunneng jelly” on October 10. Different from the traditional jelly targeted at children, the zero-fat, low-calorie jelly in small packages is mainly aimed at young people, and focuses on meal replacement functions such as filling up the hungry and replenishing energy. Added the vitamin mineral composition that human body needs, can make up the problem that consumer microelement absorbs inadequacy quickly.

In addition, the products introduced by Qinqinfood have a great innovation in taste and function, which perfectly balance the taste and function. In order to get closer to the consumption habits of target consumers, Qinqin food will give up the sales method commonly used by jelly enterprises, and will mainly be listed in e-commerce and convenience stores in first-tier and second-tier cities. Gyms in first-tier and second-tier cities will also become one of the sales channels for Qinqin food.

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