Greater China down 18.6%, USANA still valued China market
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Recently, USANA (NYSE: USNA) released its third quarter 2019 financial results. In the quarter, USANA reported sales of $261 million and net profit of $24.22 million, down from a year earlier.

Among them, the revenue of Greater China in the third quarter was $131 million, down 18.6% year-on-year, accounting for 50.3% of the total revenue. The proportion declined slightly in the third quarter, and the number of active dealers in the Greater China region declined 17.2%.

USANA said conditions in the Chinese market remain difficult. In September, the Chinese government launched a 100-day operation. So far, we have not experienced a negative media environment or the restrictions on meetings imposed by the last government censorship. We continue to use strategic incentive products to help drive sales and customer growth globally, remain optimistic about the long-term growth potential in China and the rest of the world, and are committed to restoring momentum to our business.

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