Sleep care products increased in 2019, and the post-90s generation became the main consumer
Keyword: Sleep care products , post-90s generation

E-commerce platform data show that since 2019, sales of sleep AIDS and health care products have increased significantly, with the majority of those who buy these products being the post-90s generation between the ages of 20 and 29. From January to August 2019, the number of people born in the 1990s buying imported sleep AIDS increased by 118%, accounting for 62% of the total consumers, more than all other age groups combined.


The proportion of melatonin products consumed by the post-90s generation reached 85%. According to the data purchased by consumers, it may be in the level of one million, but the post-90s population accounts for more than 10 billion in our overall population structure.


Industry experts believe that China's sleep industry is emerging, and it is expected that by 2030, the market size of China's sleep industry will exceed one trillion yuan. The growth of the sleep industry in recent years is basically around 20% every year.


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