Mengniu Dairy launched first sleep milk products in China
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Recently, after Want Want “dream dream water”, Mengniu Dairy launched black technology sleep milk products “good evening”. This product is based on milk, each bottle of 200ml is added with 240mg natural soothing and decompressing ingredient GABA, as well as soothing herbs and chamomile and other plants or food ingredients with soothing effects. With the concept of homology of medicine and food, the milk product can improve the sleep quality of Chinese people. Its current pre-sale price is about 6-7 yuan / 200mL.

In addition, relevant data show that China's overall market for sleep aid has reached 320.3 billion yuan in 2018. At present, sleep-aid products are mostly melatonin and other health supplies, medicine and food homologous food is very few. The launch of sleep-aid milk products "Good evening", Mengniu for the first time add GABA in milk, which is the key step of sleep health sub-sector.

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