Yangshengtang launched vitamin K2 in China
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On August, Yangshengtang launched a new vitamin K2, and announced that it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with pharmaceutical companies, with the help of pharmacy channels to accelerate the promotion of new products. The new K2 product by Yangshengtang is another important product after the company launched natural vitamin E in 2003, natural vitamin C in 2007 and children's natural vitamin C in 2017.


In the new product national debut, health hall still choose to rely more on the pharmacy channels. The first will use the good drugstore sales channels to shop, the latter two sides will also be in the popular science, consumer education, brand promotion and other aspects of the development.


When the new product is launched in China, Yangshengtang still chooses to rely more on drugstore channels and will use the sales channel of Jianzhijia drugstore to distribute goods in the first place. In the later stage, the cooperation between the two sides will be carried out in various aspects such as popularization of science and consumer education and brand promotion.

Source: Economic Observer

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