CNIC 2019: Natural health products industry conference
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CNIC 2019 Natural health Products industry conference 

Theme: Return to Product Strength and Shape New Business Format

Organizers:Herbridge    CCCMHPIE              

City: WYNDHAM GRAND, Xi’an, China

Time: 23-25 October, 2019

First day schedule of CNIC 2019

Academician Part

Special Host: Yingjian Xu, Academician, Royal Society of Chemistry

Inviting three academicians to advocate and appeal in their respective, providing guidance for industrial development.


Topic: Preventive treatment of disease concept managing the chronic disease

Speaker: Yi-Ling Wu, Academician, Founder of YiLing Pharmaceutical, Founder and academic leader of TCM collateral disease


Topic: Nutrition and health, food functional trends

Speaker: Bei-Wei Zhu, Academician, Food engineering expert, Dean of food science and technology in Dalian Polytechnic University, Director of the National Marine food engineering research center (Inviting)


Topic: The direction of big data management of pesticide residues

Speaker: Guo-Fang Pang, Academician, Expert in food science testing technology, Chief Scientist of Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine(Inviting)



Policy|Regulation Part

China's large health industry development

Health food regulation

Sino-US Trade War Response


Enterprise representative Part (industry direction): 


Topic: TBD

Speaker: Jufang Lei, Chairman of Qizheng Tibetan Medicine (Inviting)


Topic: TBD

Speaker:Kaijing Yan, Chairman of Tasly Pharmacy (Inviting)


Topic: Viewing the development of China's plant extract industry from the international market trends

Speaker: Chengwen Zhang ,Founder of Joywin group,

President of CCCMHPIE Herbal Ingredients Association,

Executive Director of Chun Zhen Phytonutrient Institute


Topic: The application of Zebrafish technology in product risk control, helping the great health industry quality upgrade

Speaker: Chunqi Li, Chief Scientist , President, Hunter Biotech


Big Data|Big Consumption:

Invitation unit: CBNData Big Data  First Financial Business Data Center

Invitation unit: Mintel

Invitation unit: Tencent  Consumer Behavior Big Data Analytics

Second day schedule of CNIC 2019——R&D chain A&B

Topic:Return to product strength, make products that are truly effective and can withstand scientific and market validation

Speaker: Jian Tang, Product Research Director, Infinitus


Topic:Take advantage of pharmaceutical product research and development to create a reliable great health product

Speaker: Jun Ma, Dean of institute of Health Industry, YiLing Pharmaceutical


Topic: Discussion the road of innovation and development of traditional health care products enterprises

Speaker: Haiyan Liu, Technical Director, Xinkong International Health Management Co., Ltd.


Topic: TBD

Speaker: Mark Bartlett, Vice President, Global Research and Development Nu Skin


Topic:New Thoughts for developing botanical omeges nutrients to boost Functional products.



Topic: Oral beauty trends and Amway product development sharing

Speaker: Qiang Han, Director, Amway (China) Research and Development Center/Amway (China) Plant Research and Development Center



Topic:The science behind two new natural ingredients for brain health and cognitive performance:  FloraGLO Lutein and NeumentixTM Phenolic Complex

Speaker: Brenda Fonseca, Senior Global Technical Services Manager, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health


Topic: Is CBD a devil or angel

Speaker: Cai Heng, General Manager, LONGRICH GROUP


Topic: Real beauty from the inside out

Speaker: Miao Shen, Director of Business Development, Greater China, Lycored


Topic: The development chain of functional food innovation in the era of new e-commerce

Speaker: Minliang Zhou, R&D Director, Besunyen


Topic: The revolutionary contribution of vitamin K2 to the maintenance of body health

Speaker: Yibin Chen, General Manager, Ingredients Division, Sungen Bioscience Co., Ltd

TopicScientific Research and Development and Clinical of FSMP

Speaker:  Chief medical officer, Greater China, Nestle China

Other Inviting

President, International Research and Development, MaryKay

Wenjun Li, Nestle China

Garden of Life

New Chapter

Second day schedule of CNIC 2019——Capital chain A&B


Topic: How merger capital can help enterprises create value

Speaker: Yu Hu, Executive Director, Affinity Equity Partners

Topic: Sharing experience in capital operation in European merger and acquisition integration

Speaker: Bing Ma, Executive Vice President, Aland Health Holding Ltd.

Herbridge Panel Discussion: Capital and Industry

Interview guests:

Yu Hu, Executive Director, Affinity Equity Partners

Gang Wang, investment director, Jiawo industry funds

Bing Ma, Executive Vice President, Aland Health Holding Ltd.

More interview guests are updating……


1. How to achieve the extended development of the nutrition health care products manufacturing enterprises through mergers and acquisitions;

2. What are the concerns of the capital market for health care company?

3. Acquisition integration usually requires attention and challenges;

4. How to achieve post-investment management of investment enterprises after overseas mergers and acquisitions?

5. Investment and financing are the two indispensable wheels of enterprises, in addition to the enterprise's own funds, how does the

financing way of enterprises?

6. What kind of partners does the company seek? What are the expectations of the enterprise for the capital partner?

7. Regarding the destination of the investment and the process of overseas mergers and acquisitions, what suggestions do you have for the industry colleagues?


Other Inviting: 

President, Investment Department of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group (Sharing the views about foreign acquisition roles)

Kingdomway International strategic layout

Interpretation of International Classic Acquisition Cases: Givaudan Acquisition Strategy

Firmenich Acquisition Strategy

Service-oriented investment institutions: Think Tank session

Third day schedule of CNIC 2019——Supply chain A&B


Topic: High standards to improve the quality of healthy products

Speaker: Deling Li, Director of Product Supply And Quality Assurance, Infinitus


Topic: Super Practice ----Take precautions for supply risk control

Speaker: Guanghong Lu, Vice President of Purchasing, Sinopharm Xingsha Pharmaceuticals CO., LTD



Other Inviting:

Supply Chain Vice President, Nuskin

Shaoyun Huang, Purchasing director, PERFECT(CHINA),

Purchasing director, Marykay

Purchasing director, Herbalife

Purchasing director, By-Health

Purchasing director, Yangshengtang

Purchasing director, Neptunus

Purchasing director, Sanlejiang

Head of purchase chain, Yidejia

Third day schedule of CNIC 2019——Marketing chain A&B


Topic: New environment, new opportunities, how to develop enterprise marketing

Speaker: Weiguo Hao, Strategic Development Consultant, Several Nutrition Companies


Topic: How great health companies are transforming from product providers to health system managers

Speaker: Jiaomin Liu, Founder, Nutrition Tree


Topic: In the social age, how small and medium-sized brands activate the advantages to achieve the realization of flow

Speaker: Lingdan Xie, CEO & Founder, Blueberry Club


Other Inviting:

Ziheng Yu, General Manager of Marketing, CR SanJiu

Chuncheng Huang, General Manager, Yangshengtang Pharmacy

Marketing director, Want Want

Giant Biogene

Mr. copy

Special Section

President Club

Prospects for the development of the health industry

Consumer Psychology and Behavioral Insights

New Products+Future marketing model

Future Worldview: AI Intelligence and Human Nutrition and Health

(President Club is an invitation system, if you have the intention to participate in this meeting, you can apply to the meeting group.)


Product Innovation Case Release

Ingredients Innovative Roadshow

Process innovation

Ingredient innovation 

Device innovation


Consumer Innovative Roadshow

Formula Innovation

Functional innovation

Packaging innovation

Dosage innovation, etc


This part combined with the Herbridge "New Power2019" event, brings together industry innovation forces to focus roadshows to encourage industry innovation, discover industry innovation, promote innovation practices, and promote industry development. Innovation roadshow is a screening rule, please innovative enterprises apply for this section.)



2019 Global innovation product show

In 2019, the Herbridge collecting 600+ new products from the world's leading dietary supplement market, and our footprint throughout the America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia... In addition, we have invited 30+ international innovative companies with bring innovative product presentations, including brain health, digestive health, gastrointestinal health, weight control, liver health, antioxidant, anti-aging, cardiovascular disease prevention, bone health, immune health, sleep management and other health fields.   

CNIC 2019 Sponsor (Updating) 


CNIC is one of the most influential industry forums in Asia-Pacific, dedicated to promoting the development of natural health product industry through sharing the most successful business cases and in-depth insights.

CNIC 2019, looking forward to you participation!

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