Tmall 618 big data: sleep products transactions increased 530 year-on-year
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Tmall International data show that during the 618 period, the volume of imported sleep-aid products increased by 530% year-on-year, the overall market size of more than 300 million yuan, women account for 75% of users. Among them, eye mask, Vitafusion melatonin gummies, IN ESSENCE fragrance essential oil and sleeping latex pillows are the most popular, occupying the top five transactions.


Thisworks, the British brand that joined Tmall International in May, is at the top of the 618 Sleep search list with a sleep spray that promotes fast sleep. During the 618 period, 60% of its global sales came from China, taking part in the Tmall 618 for the first time, and on The Import Day, which sold 30 days of sales in a single offline store in the UK.


In addition, the overall turnover of sleeping essential oils in the 618 has increased 13 times, Australian brand Slip this year for the first time to participate in Tmall 618, slip silk eye mask in the first day of trading growth of 783 percent month-on-month. Also from Australia IN ESSENCE's single product "ie sleeping essential oil" ranked Tmall International Sleep Essential Oil TOP1, the first day of single-product sales increased by 1123% month-on-month


According to observation, different age groups choose sleeping products presents different be fond of, 70, 80 people prefer melatonin jelly such sleeping food health care products, 90, 95 young people prefer the small sleeping products, sleeping spray, eye silk, eye mask ,acoustic earplugs, aromatherapy oil consumption growth is fastest.


Source: ebrun

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