Australian NaturalCare official join in JD’s self-owned flagship store
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On June 12, Australia's well-known health care brand Australian NaturalCare(refer to ANC) and the Milestone carry out Interactive Strategic Cooperation and's signing ceremony were successfully held in Shanghai, which announcing that Milestone has become an ANC Australia-Based Retail Partner in At the same time ANC's self-owned flagship store is about to open.


There will be 8 debut products on the shelves this time, including manuka honey MGO100 250g, manuka honey MGO500 250g, natural vitamin E soft capsule 500IU, probiotics capsule, fast burning fat tablet, efficient iron supplement tablet, strong effect prostate health nutrition tablet, dyenorrhea tablet.


With the pursuit of quality life, people pay more attention to the health and function of consumer goods. Niche brands are on the rise, product innovation, model innovation and channel innovation can help brands to stand out from the numerous brands, using big data, cloud computing and other technologies to capture user needs in real time, combining social e-commerce as a new business.


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