Global Wholesale and NOROMEGA reached an in-depth strategic
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Global Wholesale and NOROMEGA, a unit of Norway's Vitalis Pharma AS, reached an in-depth strategic partnership on June 12. Global Wholesale will use the platform advantage to help NOROMEGA establish a straight-line connection with Chinese consumers, while NOROMEGA is responsible for direct brand supply, for Global Wholesale consumers to provide quality health care products and diversified services.


It is reported that NOROMEGA is sold in Norway's well-known local pharmacies, the main push of 8 star products: seal oil, salmon oil, children's fish oil, blueberry essence, Q10 coenzyme, grape seed essence, astaxanthin essence and shark cartilage.


At present, social e-commerce is very popular, Global Wholesale with strong community promotion ability and with the ability to bring goods, NOROMEGA as a brand can meet the needs of Global Wholesale users to buy quality goods, wholesale prices, so that member customers in Global Wholesale to buy more favorable than the Norway local pharmacy purchase really, it is believed that the cooperation between the two sides can do open the door to win-win situation.

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