Cross-border direct mail tax rates will be reduced to 13%
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The official website of the Ministry of Finance has issued a notice to adjust the import duty on imported goods (commonly known as the postal tax) with effect April 9. In order to make the value-added tax reform dividend directly benefit the broad masses of the people, this focus has been reduced by the stamp duty rate on consumer goods, and the tax rate on goods classified as 1 of the items of food has been reduced from 15% to 13%. It is reported that the tax reduction on cross-border e-commerce, especially the use of direct mail mode of the platform and sellers is a major boon, can further reduce costs.

Tmall International released the 2018 National health cross-border consumption trends report, showing that the Tmall platform has steadily increased the amount of national health products consumed in the past three years, with Australia, the United States and Japan becoming the top three most popular producers of imported health products. China's nutrition and health food development level and the world's advanced countries compared to the existence of the difference, foreign varieties, brand long, technology has a leading edge, consumers in the travel abroad and cross-border purchase, the purchase of overseas health care products gradually become the mainstream way, pharmacies and other traditional business has appeared weak growth phenomenon.

GNC said China's business grew by about $3.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2018 as a result of high sales by cross-border e-commerce in China; Swisse 2018 's annual results soared to 859 million Australian dollars, an increase of 30.3% year on year.

E-commerce channels have become a new engine of growth in the nutrition and health food industry, China's health food industry annual growth rate of 10%-15%, e-commerce channels, especially cross-border e-commerce sales scale is expected to continue to maintain a compound growth rate of more than 50%.

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