Health Products Innovation with New Retail Integration Summit
Keyword: Health Products Innovation, New Retail

Health Products Innovation with New Retail Integration Summit

Date: 23-24th, May                        

Hotel: The First World Hotel

Organizer: Herbridge Media

                 《Natural Ingredients》Magazine


May 23 (08:30-17:30)

Section I: New consumption thinking and New retail practices of health products

Introduction: After the traditional e-commerce dividend disappears, where is the new dividend? New retails format, comprehensively create omni-channel and multi-platform social retail, explosively create personal IP, KOL, community, fission, is to foresee the future of new consumption or win the future? Health products how to seek new breakthrough in sales forms under such background?

Key words: Decoding consumption, Platform Value, New consumption thinking, Social retail, Social e-commerce, Channel revolution


【Topic】Viewing the future of new consumption from the perspective of Consumption investment

Speaker:Jiabin Shi,Datou capitalinvestment director

【Topic】From flow to sales, New Retails become more hommization

Speaker:Xin Huang,Tencent medicine,Sales Director

【Topic】How to make the traditional brands rejuvenation

Speaker:Xin Yin,BY-HEALTH,General manager of e-commerce

【Topic】Win one billions in 3 years,the logic behind Social E-commerce growth

Speaker:Rongshen Xiao,Hanhoo,Chairman of e-commerce

【Topic】Dietary supplements new retail

Speaker:Ximing Xu, SIMEITOL, Founder

【Topic】New practice of scene marketing in health products

Speaker:Wei Lu,Shenghetang Health Food ,General manager

【Topic】Without social activities, No E-commerce

Speaker:Wei Lin, I-fashion, Founder

【Topic】Catch the short video dividend last bus in 5G era

Speaker:Hanxun Chen, New media expert, guestprofessor of SunYat-SenUniversity,founder of Youyong consultingfirm


Section II: Hot ingredients| Innovative technology achieve product specialization

Introduction: Under the impact of the new business model, there is a path that new retail facing and must practice, which is constantly improving the value of products by investing in R&D and technological innovation, enhancing the competitiveness of consumer products. Functional raw materials, technological innovation, service experience how to shape the "new", in order to fit the new consumption age and to meet the current rapid development of the market demand?

Key words: HOT ingredients ,Innovation product, OEM/ODM,AI,Membrane separation


【Topic】One-stop OEM/ODM, leading a new retail differentiation era

Speaker:Lina Wang, Baihe Shengwu, vice president

【Topic】Development and Cultivation of top international ingredients help China's new consumption

Speaker:Yunchun Li, Gnosis, Business development manager

【Topic】OSN technology promotes the green separation of plant extracts and high efficiency CBD extraction

Speaker:Jianchao Xie, OSN Business manager, Asia-Pacific, Evonik

【Topic】All in New retail thinking and practice experience

Speaker:Nestle (China) E-commerce & New retail

【Topic】Build health industry ecological from business practice standards

Speaker:Yanjun Hua,Fanyi biotechnology, General manager


May 24 (09:00-18:00)

Section III:New commercial forms observation and health business thinking

Introduction: In the era of flow is king, time-honored brand is undoubtedly a big health industry trend-setter by layout new retail in advance, leading the country in advancing with the times and changing the traditional form of the industry; The new retail waves sweeping the entire health industry chain, how to enrich the crowd labels to achieve precise crowd positioning, and see these table enterprises how to enlarge their business logic and start a new retail road…

Key words:Data analysis,consumer analysis,Traditional brand& New retail,Brand update


【Topic】Analysis of personalized nutrition trends

Speaker: Jieliu, China regional manager, Innova Market Insights

【Topic】Precision product development and social operation in the new retail era

Speaker: Mengjia Zhang, Marketing Director, Yanantang

Topic】Health industry prospects and leading-edge health products development

Speaker: Zhihong Di, Hangzhou Heze pharmaceutical group, Chief scientist of specialty foods; Hangzhou Zejian Pharmaceutical Technology,vice president

【Topic】Time-honored brand medicine king’s new retail road

Speaker:Huqingyutang pharmaceutical, marketing director

【Topic】Customization Extraction and separation new technology increase new selling points for health products

Speaker:Yongqi Dai, Saipu membrane technology, General manager

【Topic】Want Want’s new retails road under the health industry

Speaker:Xudong HU, Deputy director general, R & D department, Want Want Group (Shanghai)

【Topic】How a century-old brand to embrace new retail under business model changing

Speaker:Shouxiangu medicine, marketing director


Section IV: Brainstorm:Functional food, nutritious and beauty food

Introduction: In the population structure is constantly fragmented and fierce competition market, those who seizes the needs and pain points of the stratified population are likely to occupy the highlands and become the new leader. Under the new opportunity of functionalization, how to grasp the correct direction and move forward? How to break the boundaries, break the encirclement?

Key words: Functional food, Nutritious and beauty, medicinal and edible food,Law interpretation, Ta economic、Channel revolution

【Topic】Food revolution in the future---functionalization

Speaker:Chloe Ren, Herbridge, Chief content officer

【Topic】Anti-saccharification oral beauty products’ Current situation and trends in Japan

Speaker:Ping Huang, Fuyuan health technology, R&D director

【Topic】Development and retails on nourishment from Perspective of medicinal and edible food

Speaker:DONG-E E-JIAO,

【Topic】Natural functional material in the future--- Scene marketing

Speaker:Tony Hu, Herbridge, Senior industry researcher


Herbridge will organise functional food, beauty food, health food and cosmetics companies, formulations, application solutions companies, packaging companies, OEM, ODM companies, community e-commerce, social e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce practitioners gathering at the summit. Building bridges between communication and collaboration between product expertise and new retail.


We provide such solution:

On the product side, I have hot product;

On the retail side, you have channels.


In 2019, Meet you at Herbridge  Innovation Summit.

Meet integration of health product innovation with new retail.


Registration Fees: ¥4800/person, ¥3800/person for Herbridge member.

Booth Sponsorship:¥36,000/Booth,Including 2 free pass.

Speech Sponsorship: ¥58,000/Booth,Including 3 free pass.


Contact : 86-18182608257  Gloria Zhang




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