The world's first TCM evidence-based medicine center was established in China
Keyword: First, TCM evidence-based medicine center

On March 12, the world's first evidence-based medicine center was established in Beijing. The center will draw on the expertise of the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine and cooperate with major domestic research institutions to provide evidence for the effectiveness and safety of TCM.


It is understood that China traditional Chinese medicine evidence-based medical center will take the China Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine as the core, combined with Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sichuan University China Evidence-based Medicine center, Peking University evidence-based medicine center and other dominant units of this field to jointly carry out evidence-based medical research, methodological consensus, standard development, clinical evaluation, evidence sample management, evidence Information service and other work.


At present, the mainstream mode of medical knowledge and practice in the world is the evidence-based medical model with scientific evidence as the core, and clinical evidence has become the main basis for evaluating the effectiveness and safety of medical treatment measures, and has also become one of the important reference contents of national health policy. Although Chinese medicine is gradually recognized by the world, "going out" still faces obstacles such as insufficient evidence of clinical efficacy and safety.


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