CNIC2018:Next 10 Years
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           CNIC2018:Next 10 Years

Theme: Health Industry, Health Economy, Health China



Co-Organizer:Herbalife China

City: Shanghai, China

Date:October 25th-27th, 2018

Scale:over 800 participants




China health product market opportunity

Global supplements market trend

China health goods import tariff and admittance regulations

Functional ingredients import tariff  and regulations

Functional ingredients innovation and sustainable supply

Government, regulatory department, Chamber of Commerce and Association:

China National Health Commission, Office of Health Products

China Ministry of Commerce, Office of Import & Export

China Ministry of Agriculture, Office of Food Tech

China National Development and Reform Commission, Office of Public nutrition

China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine

China Ministry of Science and Technology

Yang Yuexin, Chairman of China Nutrtion Society

Qin Xiaoming, Chairman of China Health Care Association

US FDA, Office of Dietary Supplement Program(Inviting)

US NIH, Office of Dietary Supplement(Inviting)

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) (Inviting)

EFSA, Office of NDA (Inviting)

Patrick Ahern,Director General of European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers (EHPM)(Confirmed)

Industry representatives:

P&G Product safety center(Inviting)

New Chapter(Inviting)

Now Health Groups(Now Foods)(Inviting)

Oct 26th, 2018(Morning)

Session I Science A

Session II R&D strategy A

Brain Health

Session III Quality control A

Session IV New marketing A

Data driven, intelligent marketing

E-Commerce, Social network, Online and offline fusion.

Host: UCLA

Latest Research&Found in Nutrition and Health Field

Host: Meng Xia

Clinical nutrition department, An Zhen Hospital, Beijing  Director

Speaker from:Hospital nutrition department and Corporation

Host: Herbalife  Q&A Director


Speaker fromHerbalife, Nuskin, Want-want ,  ConbaGroup

Host: Zhendong Tian JD Health product E-commerce, Chife Inspector

Speaker from:Tmall new product innovation center, Beidian,Alibaba business school, Xiaomi Rural e-commerce

Oct 26th, 2018(Afternoon)

Session I Science B

Session II R&D strategy B

weight management

Session III Quality control B

Session IV New marketing B

Scene marketing, intelligent pharmacy

Host: Ph.D. Wei Chen Jiangnan University vice president

Latest Research & Found in Nutrition and Health Field

Host: Hui Pan Chief physician

Department of endocrinology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital  Speaker from: Hospital nutrition department and Corporation

Host: Infinitus Q&A Director

Speaker fromBy-Health, Infinitus, Perfect, Joincare group.

Host: Lei Ni Vital Deputy General Manager

Speakerfrom:Dingdang Fast Drug store, Kangmei Pharmaceutical chain drug store, Shanghai Yiyangtang,Baodao Chain drug store

Oct 27th, 2018(Morning)

Special topic:Functional Food

Session III R&D strategy C:Anti-aging

Session III Quality control C

OEM& 1-Stop Service:

Session IV New marketing C

New marketing and experiential marketing

Host:Gloria Zhang Herbridge Founder

Speaker from: POLA,  House Food(Japan)Meiji HD, Morinaga R&D Director

Host:Xiaoyun Yu Joincare Research Institute Dean

Speaker from:Huge and New players of Nutrition health industry R&D Director

Host:Pengfei Sun Baihe Bio

International Marketing Director

Speaker from:Quality director of Nestle, Babycare, Bihe Biotech, Aland, Ningbo Jildian

Host:Zhong Zheng Nuskin China  President

Speakerfrom:Nuskin, Amway, Infinitus, Perfect, Norland, Mars

Oct 27th, 2018(Afternoon)

Special topic:Functional Food

Session IV R&D strategy

D: cardiovascular health

Prophylaxis of chronic diseases

Special topic:Cross-border mergers and acquisitions

Session IV New marketing D

Wechat business 2.0 era,

TV shopping in China

Host:Frank Peng,Jiaduobao,

Quality supervision and research Director


Herbalife Nutrition R&D Center Tour

HostRuwei Wang Conba  Vice Prisident

Speaker from:Huge and New players of Nutrition health industry R&D Director

HostBin Jiang Kingdomway  President

Speakerfrom:By -Health, Xiwang Group, Kingdomway,New Hope Group, Aland

HostJingjie Nie Acorn(BABAKA) President

Speakerfrom:Mengniu group Wechat business, Yunnanbaiyao Wechat business, Easten Shopping, CCTV Home Shopping, Logo Shopping


CNIC:Closely linked to the health industry chain, the contents of the above sessions maybe adjusted and updated.

Conference presentation

Under Healthy China 2030 plan, the opportunities and challenges of health industry in the future;

High efficiency docking and cooperation of the whole industry chain;

Full business integration innovation in China health industry

New marketing + user thinking: creating higher value products for consumers, and better serving users.


From nutrition industry, marketing, government, academia and media (professional media + integrated large web sites with more than 100 journalists)


From China National Health CommissionChina National Development and Reform Commission Public Nutrition CenterHealth Industry

Other Awards

You are in the Chinese health industry for ten years: The award of contributing for the Industry, The award for Promoting the industry progress.

Special Show:

Global Top Products Show     Domestic Original Products Show     Herbridge 10 years Anniversary Show 


8th May,2018


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