CFDA Sampling Checks 176 Batches of Health Foods with Heightened Inspection on Imports
  • On October 10th CFDA released the results of a sample survey on 176 batches of health foods, with 174 batches qualified in the sample survey.

  • Figures showed the qualified products in the sample survey came from 47 enterprises, of which three with the most batches of samples in the survey are domestic agents of imported health food: Guangzhou K Lex Health & Nutrition co., Ltd. (11 batches), Shanghai Zhengwen Biotechnology Co., Ltd (10 batches) and Shanghai Kaike Biotechnology Co., Ltd., different in that domestic manufacturing enterprises mostly ranked top on the list of the previous sample surveys.

  • Meanwhilethere were two batches of sub-quality products in the result sample survey announced (According to the National Food Safety Standard, the products with several items below the standard are confirmed unqualified).

  • 1. The Weilaisi aloe capsules sold by Shenzhen Yongantang Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd., manufactured by Guangzhou Sankang Health Product Co., Ltd., were found to have a moisture value of 10.30%, 14% higher than the enterprise standard (no more than 9.0%), and molds and yeasts value of 2.8×103CFU/g, 55 times more than the national standard Inspection (no more than 50CFU/g). The inspection institution is Shenzhen Institute for Drug Control.

  • 2. The Nuspower calcium & vitamin D chewable tablet (orange flavor), sold by Fujian Kanglida Pharmaceutical Chain co., Ltd., Fuzhou No.16 Branch, manufactured by Guangzhou Saijian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., were found to contain lead (in Pb) of 1.0mg/kg, twice the enterprise standard (no more than 0.5mg/kg).The initial survey institution is the Food and Drug Quality Inspection Institute of Fujian Province, and the re-examination institution is Fujian Inspection and Research Institute for Food and Drug Quality, and the re-inspection institute is the Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.  

  • Several actions were taken on the unqualified products examined in the sample survey: China Food and Drug Administration has asked Guangdong Food and Drug Administration to order the manufacturing enterprises to make a thorough investigation of product flow, recall disqualified products and analyze the cause for a correction; and asked Guangdong Food and Drug Administration and Fujian Food and Drug Administration to order the units related to intermediate links to take immediate measures, such as removing from shelves, to control risk. The provincial-level food and drug regulators where the producers and marketers of unqualified foods are located must announce the risk prevention and control measures to the public within seven days from the date the notice was released, and report the verification and disposition to China Food and Drug Administration within three months, as well as make it public within three months from the date the notice was released.

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