Amazing Chinese Red Yeast Rice
The history of Red Yeast Rice
Chinese traditional Red Yeast Rice began at East Han Dynasty. It is our priceless scientific cultural heritage of ancient China, is the crystallization of Chinese wisdom. It has been more than one thousand years’ history for using Red Yeast Rice. It was detailed described in <Tian gong Kai wu>, which is a famous scientific book written by Song, Yingxing, and <Ben cao Gang Mu>, which is a famous Chinese medicine book  written by Li, Shizheng, in ancient China (Ming Dynasty).As per these works’ description, Red Yeasts Rice can invigorate the circulation of blood, be good at spleen and stomach, help people to keep healthy. It was recorded as a traditional Chinese medicine, which can be used both as food and medicine, and be called as “amazing medicine”.

Modern research and efficacy of Red Yeast Rice
With the development of Red Yeast Rice’s research, people find there are many effective ingredients in Red Yeast Rice. In the year 1979, Akira Endo, a Japanese professor, who is called as “Father of Modern Red Yeast Rice”, found and isolated out six strains of Monascus, which contain cholesterol inhibitor and Decomposition agent of triglyceride, and he named this inhibitor/decomposition agent as Monacolin K. Monacolin K can inhibit the HMG-CoA’s activity, which is the key enzyme to compound cholesterol in the body.
In the year 1985, Goldstein and Brown, two American scientists, found and isolated out an ingredient which can lower cholesterol from the fermentation broth of aspergillus terreus. The researches had certified that Monacolin K and Lovastatin has same/similar molecular structure,they are the same substance with different source.

The modern researches has certified that the efficacy of Red Yeast Rice is not only becuase it contains antibacterial ingredients, several enzymes which can help digestion, and kinds of amino acid, but most importance is it can produce several effective ingredient which can lower blood lipid and bloop pressure, such as γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), N-acetylglucosamine (CLC-NH2), and Ergosterol, especially Monacolin K, which can specialized inhibit the HMG-CoA. Red Yeast Rice can obviously adjust the blood lipid, stop the atherosclerosis, adjust the blood glucose, and it have some effect on prevent or control osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Market prospect of Red Yeast Rice:
Cardiovascular disease has been a common and frequently occurring disease in the elderly.
Cardiovascular disease has been the common and frequently disease in the aged and middle-aged person. It is also the No. 1 disease which threaten human lives. 
And the hyperlipemi, high cholesterol are the most dangerous factors which can cause cardiovascular. With the improvement of living standard, there are more than 300 million people suffered from obesity. And people with hyperlipemi or high cholesterol is much more than this. Recently, the most effective medicine to lowering cholesterol is statins.

statins is considered as the most deeply researched medicine, with clear mechanism, and good efficacy, to cure the cardiovascular disease. The discovery of statins can be think as important as the discovery of penicillin in early 20th century for human. The statins’ market is increasing year by year. The annually sales amount has been more than 30 billion USD.

But statins are Chemical bio-syntheses. It will aggravate the workload of liver and kidney.   when use it to cure cardiovascular. For example, it will takes some adverse reaction such as the increasing of transaminase or creatine phosphate kinase (CPK). So, it is not suitable for the patients to continue the treatment for a long time. Then we need something which have the same efficacy of statins but have no toxicity. And Red Yeast Rice, produced by fermentation, contains Monacolin K and other natural statins, and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), bio-flavonoids, trace element, Ergosterol, fiber and other effective ingredients. These are all produced during the natural fermentation. These ingredients not only improve the metabolism of blood lipid, but also improve the vascular endothelial cell, prevent the lipid oxidation, reduce blood viscosity and so on. So, it will be much more safe.

Hangzhou Boda Biotech told Herbridge Media,It is believed that Red Yeast Rice will be popular used in medicine and supplements. The market will be very huge. More and more people will know the great sense of Chinese Red Yeast Rice.

Hangzhou Boda Biological Tech. Co., Ltd, which was founded in the year 2000, is specialized on the research, developing, and production of Red Yeast Rice. We have our own technology of strain select breeding and fermentation. We would like to share the traditional Chinese Red Yeast Rice with the people all over the world.
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