Chinese Valeriana Industry Carves out the Way in Setback
European valeriana has been produced as nutritional supplement for hundreds of years in European and American countries, and included in the national pharmacopoeia standard of more than 20 countries including Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. It is widely used in sedative and hypnotic products and its efficacy is also highly recognized by the international authorities and consumers. According to the relevant data, valeriana terminal product is ranked fifth in the Global Best-Selling Natural Products. The most of active substances in the valeriana are sedative and hypnotic. From valeriana volatile oil to valerenic acids, flavonoids, alkaloids, even amino acids, laboratory test shows that they are stronger in sedative and hypnotic effect, but very slight in drug dependence, addition and toxic or side effects. Therefore, valeriana has great potential in the development of safe, low-toxic and effective sedatives and hypnotics. The valeriana has been made into commercially available medicaments, e.g., valeriana tincture is used for treatment of neurasthenia, insomnia and other diseases, and valepotriate for clinical application as a sedative. Recently, 57 valeriana medicaments (including prescribed and compound preparations) have been commercially available as sedatives in Germany. There are also a large number of valeriana sedatives and other food supplements sold in the market in the United States and Canada.

Valeriana has a wide variety around the world, and functional ingredients are very different. Chinese valeriana mainly includes Valeriana officinalis L. and Valeriana jatamansi Jones. Valeriana officinalis L. mainly grows in Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve, Tongren City, Guizhou Province. As the native herbs of Miao medicine in Guizhou, valeriana has significantly high content of volatile oil, and it is the rare natural raw material of plant essential oil used in luxury perfume, tobacco and wine. Since the 1970s, the people of ethnic minorities in Fanjing mountainous area in Guizhou Province has harvested wild valeriana, extracted valeriana volatile oil and exported the oil to international market. With increasing global awareness of valeriana efficacy, as well as the recognition of European and American countries to the efficacy and safety of natural plant products, more and more valeriana oil and extractive are used in the daily health products.

The content of each main ingredient is different because valeriana varieties in China are different from European valeriana, and the there is valeriana market standard in China, therefore the valeriana extractive in China cannot enter the international market for sale. Except valeriana oil is sold in the international market as a traditional essence and flavor, Chinese valeriana extractive is not recognized by developed countries in Europe and America. However, in recent years, a growing number of customers have recognized Chinese valeriana oil after comparing the valeriana oil produced by other countries, and expanded its application from daily chemicals and the perfume material for tobacco and wine to oral medicine and animal health care medicine.

High-quality valeriana planting needs 800-1400m altitude, half-shaded and half-lighted environment, fertile loose soil and adequate rainfall. The difficulties in seed harvest, low germination rate and other unfavorable conditions restrict the large-area planting and industrial development of valeriana, resulting in that the raw materials provided by valeriana planting base fails to meet the production demands, and valeriana essential oil is in serious shortage. On the contrary, the demand of valeriana oil is increased to no less than 10 tons per year by the end of 2016 from no more than 2 tons per year, and the demand is grew by more than 20% per year. Guizhou Miao Medicine Biological Technology Co., Ltd. in recent years has also enhanced the research and development of valeriana seed cultivation, base construction and valeriana end products. A large-scale planting of quality valeriana can be guaranteed by the investment of a number of funds and technologies, and the perfect climate and natural conditions of Fanjing mountainous area. Moreover, with internal excellent sedative and hypnotic effect of valeriana, it is expected that the valeriana industry in Guizhou Province will has a brilliant future.
Since getting involved in plant extraction industry, Guizhou Miao Medicine Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has taken full advantage of unique geographical conditions and rich plant resources of Guizhou, and industrially developed native valeriana herbs that has relatively high degree of industrialization and extensive market prospect and is very suitable for the development of land resources in Guizhou. After nearly 6 years of technological breakthrough, the Chinese herbal medicine experts of the Company have completed the domestication of wild high-altitude and cold-resistant rare valeriana, developed an ideal provenance adapting to field cultivation, and achieved the standardized production of sexual seed breeding, providing a solid foundation of large-area planting of domesticated valeriana. At present, the Company has 6 technologies on standardized valeriana seed breeding and planting, over 350 mu of valeriana seedling base, 800 mu of standardized valeriana planting base, and more than 2,000 mu of valeriana development radiation base. Since 2009, in order to better meet the demands of domestic and international market for valeriana products, the Company has further optimized the valeriana improved variety breeding and base construction along with several domestic and foreign authoritative research institutions and universities, enhanced the research and analysis on active ingredients of valeriana, and developed a number of terminal products with  unique efficacy and intellectual property, including valerian sedative essential oil, valerian massage essential oil, valerian tea, valerian sedative pillow and valerian solid beverages, really realizing the industrial development of valeriana in Guizhou and providing a new idea for the industrial development of other medicinal herbs of the ethnic minorities in Guizhou Province.
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