Vitamin K2: The forgotten Vitamin With The Outstanding Contribution
By Products Manager,SungenBio

Vitamin K2, a long-neglected vitamin, may be a new term for many people. However, with the deepening of the research in recent years, the nutritional value of the scientists has been re-recognized. In the field of Western nutrition, the study on vitamin K2 is in full swing, and widely used in food, nutritional supplements and other products.

Vitamin K2 is one of the most important fat-soluble vitamins in the human body. The health benefits of vitamin K2 are far superior to vitamin K1. From the natto MK-7, in the past 20 years by the scientists attach great importance. As the research progresses, vitamin K2 shows many health functions, such as bone health, cardiovascular health, tumor suppression, Alzheimer's disease and peripheral nerves, etc. continue to be confirmed.

1.The role of bone health

On bone health, the role of unilateral calcium is tiny, MK-7 role is very important. MK-7 collar calcium into the appropriate parts of the body, such as bones. It also helps to remove calcium, such as arteries, where it should not be present.

Researchers in the study of MK-7 bone health found:

1)        lack of vitamin K2 in vivo will make the osteocalcin carboxylation incomplete, the formation of carboxylation incomplete osteocalcin (ucOC). In vivo ucOC content and osteoporosis and fracture probability is proportional to. Vitamin K2 can reduce the ucOC, reduce the risk of fracture, bone health has a positive effect [1] [2]. Children, pregnant women, the elderly due to physiological needs, vitamin K2 supplement is particularly important.

2)        Calcium-containing proteins in the calcified tissue are osteocalcin (OC), matrix γ-carboxyglutamate protein (MGP) and protein S. In the role of vitamin K-dependent carboxylase, osteocalcin is activated, Gla and hydroxyapatite calcium binding, deposition, promote bone mineralization [3].

2. To prevent hardening of the arteries

Traditionally, arterial calcification is irreversible. The researchers found that appropriate intake of MK-7 can effectively prevent and reverse arteriosclerosis.

The activity of the matrix Gla protein (MGP) depends on the gamma-glutamic acid carboxylation dependent on MK-7. After the carboxylation of MGP can effectively transfer blood calcium, avoid calcium deposition, causing vascular calcification [4].

The study indicates that MK-7 plays a key role in the management of calcium-efficient calcium entry to prevent osteoporosis and arterial calcification.
3.Tumor inhibition
Studies have shown that vitamin K2 inhibition of liver cancer have a positive effect [5]. The study also found that myeloma cells, leukemia cells and gastric adenocarcinoma cells and other sensitive to vitamin K2, vitamin K2 can effectively inhibit tumor cell growth, apoptosis is one of the important mechanisms.

4.New discoveries in Alzheimer 's disease

Vitamin K2 can restore damaged mitochondria normal, and then generate energy. Which is expected to solve the Alzheimer's disease brain cells mitochondria and the existence of electronic transmission interference, the lifting of the disease [6].

5.In alleviating the application of peripheral nerve
Vitamin K as a coenzyme can participate in cell and tissue electron transport and redox process, peripheral nerve, muscle tissue has a gentle, relaxing effect [7]. And has wide application prospect in sports nutrition.

Vitamin K2 is so important to health, but the human intestinal micro-organisms can only synthesis of trace amounts of vitamin K2, far can not meet human needs. An international medical clinical study showed that 438 (97%) of the 452 participants had significant ucMGP or inactive K-dependent proteins (ucMGP) responsible for inhibiting calcium deposition in arteries or blood vessels. Therefore, 97% of the population can prove that the lack of vitamin K2. A general lack of vitamin K2 should be taken seriously.

Vitamin K2 is present in fermented foods such as tofu, cheese and natto. The problem is that we should not always eat these foods, because they will increase our cholesterol, and we can only get a trace of vitamin K2.

Studies have shown that supplementation of 45μg of vitamin K2 per day is sufficient for children. However, for adults, up to 180μg of vitamin K2 is required to show the effect. That 45μg of vitamin K2 daily need to eat how much to eat it? Here are some examples:

Beef = 4.4 kg
Milk = 5L
Egg yolk = 8
Yogurt = 5L

As you can see, it's impractical for us to eat so much every day. In addition, you do not get the best form of vitamin K2 as MK-7, because the food contains more vitamin K2 as MK-4. In the daily diet, adequate vitamin K2 is almost non-existent, especially the best form of vitamin K2 as MK-7. So for now, taking the form of nutritional supplements is still the best choice for the public.

Statistics show that the global vitamin K2 products in the past 5 years, the growth rate of more than 180%, vitamin K2 international market size of more than 50% per year, the rapid expansion of the speed. Vitamin and dietary supplements dominate the world in vitamin K2, with nearly 200 recipes (76%), infant formulas, flavored milk and other beverages, according to UK-based UK consulting firm Infomedia. Than still low, are about 6%. Sports nutrition, dairy products are included in the potential application of vitamin K2 target, which is a potential untapped market.

At present, the market of vitamin K2 mainly through chemical synthesis and biotechnology by the biological Bacillus subtilis natto fermentation method was obtained. The chemical synthesis of vitamin K2 is mainly MK-4, and MK-7 is mainly present in the natural fermentation of food.

Chemical synthesis

Chemical synthesis is the first proposed production of vitamin K2. The method is particularly suitable for the synthesis of vitamin K2 in high yield. Since then, the method has been further improved, the yield of vitamin K2 up to 80% to 90%. However, the method of production of vitamin K2 is mainly MK-4, bioavailability is very low.

Microbial synthesis

This method is to produce vitamin K2 by culturing the microorganism with the solid soybean as the solid medium. The method greatly simplifies the production process and improve working conditions, reduce environmental pollution, but also conducive to resource development and comprehensive utilization, and fermentation of vitamin K2 is a physiological activity of MK-7. However, the fermentation efficiency of this method is low, the cost is higher and the cycle is longer.

Natto fermentation of Bacillus subtilis

Sungenbio using two strains of Bacillus subtilis natto as a parent strain, after gene mutagenesis, access to natural vitamin K2 high-yield strains. So that the production of natural fermentation of vitamin K2 (MK-7), the yield was greatly improved, and activity is also guaranteed.

As an innovation-driven fermentation products experts, SungenBio has been focused on the fermentation of raw materials for the cause of R & D and production, has 26 years of peptide research history. Its natto fermentation by using a extraction and production of natural vitamin K2 (MK-7) - Natto K2TM. SungenBio is the only use of Bacillus subtilis natto production of raw materials in China.
Characteristic of Natto K2TM
l  Bacillus Subtilis ST188
l  100% trans
l  Non-GMO, No Preservatives, No Additives
l  Pure Product Obtained
l  Standard Product Established
l  Purification technology has been obtained the national invention patent(ZL 2014 1 0564384.X)
l  EU Novel Foods Certified
Health Benefits of Natto K2TM
l  Supports Bone health
l  Supports Cardiovascular health
l  Supports Kidney health
l  Supports Liver health
l  Fights Parkinson disease
l  Protects against complications from diabetes
l  Improves ability to combat muscle spasms
l  Helps with children’s growing pains
Application of Natto K2TM
l  Health food, Dietary Supplement
l  Foods(such as yoghurt and drink )
l  Cosmetics
SungenBio’s innovation-driven ingredients manufacturing has the support of over 26 years of fermentation experience. Now, SungenBio is preparing to establish a China based bioengineering unit utilizing the same expertise and drive. With SungenBio’s established advantage as China’s leading manufacturer of nattokinase, natural vitamin K2 as MK-7 and γ-PGA from fermented bacillus natto. We have 58 patents of inventions around all over the world. SungenBio looks to continue innovating well into the future.

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