2017 China Markets Consumer Insights: β-glucan

27th-28 th, July (Thursday and Friday) Xining HotelQinghai

ThemeForesightFocusing Guiding Consumption


Conference Topics

Focus on β-glucan
β-glucan category -- what's the correct β-glucan?
Source overview and industry resource distribution of β-glucan -- with nearly 10 sources
Regulation review and specific application field in global market-- which point does the regulation starts?
Structural analysis and application of β-glucan
Ingredients standard and analytical detection of β-glucan
Focus on China Market
Development scope of β-glucan terminal products
Dosage form analysis of β-glucan terminal products
Consumer analysis of β-glucan products in China
China consumer's recognition and favorites for  β-glucan Finish products
Focus on the world
Approval progress of Japan functional mark of β-glucan
β-glucan's  players  in Japan
America market β-glucan Category analysis and main resource
With β-glucan new finish products types and analysis
Focus on the market
Future market space β-glucan as NDI in China
β-glucan products Development tendency and trend interpretation in America market
β-glucan functional foods Overview and develop in Japan
Focus on the Products
β-glucan product market performance in China
β-glucan products in international market Category overview
Infant's foods with β-glucan market potential and category
Health food and functional food with β-glucan Develop and category
β-glucan application potential use in nutritious strengthened food:flour, fruit and vegetable products, rice, candy and beverage
Focus on the Function
Immune health;
blood glucose control;
Weight Control;
Reduce blood lipid;
Promote intestinal health;
Skin regeneration;
Liver health;
Focus on health Industry Chain
Herbridge Media Focus Natural Functional ingredients and health industry for more than 10 years in China. We select 2-3 kinds of the most potential functional ingredients every year. To push emerging functional ingredients used in nutrition and personalized nutrition products. To save finish products players time, To promote the whole industry chain of healthy products, Create value for China health industry chain.
2017 new star:β-glucan, its value waits for your attention!
Organizer:Herbridge Media
Chairman:Gloria Zhang
Mobile phone:+86-13521674640
Previous Consumer Insights summit
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2016 Consumer Insights:Inulin
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Visit the factory of By-Health on afternoon 28th,July.

Speaker Sponsors:¥30,000-¥50,000(with different Rights)
Consultation desk:¥10,000
Advertising inserts in Handbook:¥10,000
Meeting registration fee:¥3000/Delegate(Including  2 days lunch and dinner at 27th,July)
Mobile phone/Wechat:+86-18182608257
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