​New Era coming for Grape Seed Extract
According to the Herbridge Media, grape seed extract ranks top 60 of all plant extracts exported by China, which is primarily used in health care products. When supplements of grape seed supplements were removed from the shelves in the US at the latter half of 2014, the counterfeiting behavior in this industry comes out in the wash. It directly impacts China’s extract export, including the grape seed extract. As a frightened bird, the US collects all non-governmental methods to appreciate grape seed and other extracts as imported from China. For the supply-demand situation on the market, who shall be blamed for?
It’s known to us that grape seed extract of high quality specification has good sales in recent years. While the international purchasers turn from traditional option of “the cheaper, the better” to current selection of grape seed extract of high standards, suppliers of high quality will thus stand out!
Steady Demand on International Market, More Demand in China
Herbridge has learnt that the international market, centering on the US and Europe, tends to be steady in recent years. Chinese demand of grape seed extracts is constantly on the rise, with an annual growth of 30%. Health care capsules of grape seed extract can be seen everywhere in major supermarkets and pharmaceutics in China. As to cosmetics, masks and essence of grape seed extracts are also welcome among the domestic consumers. While no standards are specified already for grape seed extracts in China, is it blind for consumers to seek for such a "purely natural” product?
As Herbridge understands, major suppliers currently on Chinese market of grape seed extract include BannerBio of Shenzhen, Tiancao Bio in Hangzhou, Layn in Guilin, Chenguang Biotech in Hebei and Jianfeng in Tianjin.

Corporate Perspective
Extensive Cultivation out, Intensive Cultivation in
As President Liu told Herbridge, the market of grape seed extract serves as just an arena for the fight between authentic and counterfeiting source of goods. Though no conclusion is made for the event of dietary supplement with grape seed extract as major ingredient as produced by GNC of the US, it provides positive energy for the whole industry. In the future, there definitely will be smaller room for counterfeits, and eventually the market will be utterly occupied by authentic stuffs. Besides, the traditional extensive way of cultivation will be out of date and replaced by intensive cultivation.

Regularized Development Expected
As Hebei Chengguang Biotech told Herbridge, Chinese laws and regulations impose greatly different requirements on microorganism in grape seed extracts as compared to those of the US and Europe. Since buyers from all countries and regions have varying demands and some of them just fail to tell the authentic extracts from the counterfeits, proper ways of appreciation and regulations both at home and abroad are in urgent need!

Advantage of Self-inspection to Enhance Competitiveness
BannerBio told Herbridge that they purchase grape seeds from Europe because of their high content of effective ingredients and their source traceability and controllability of the pesticide residue and heavy metal, which ensures safety of the grape seeds from the very beginning. For grape seed extracts, though the extracting process is relatively mature, the terminal market demand is steady and market price is stable between 2013 and 2015, it falls chaotic due to lack of standard market. When the market is regularized, competition among suppliers then lies in their product quality and added values. For instance, grape seed extracts can be used in not only capsule products, but in products of high ORAC(>15000), high water solubility and light taste of bitter for beverage producers. Also, methods to tell the authenticity of grape seed extracts can be worked out to ensure the grape seed extracts supplied fully meet the requirements of USP.

Those above-said opinions combined can work a way out for industrial insiders!
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