China Angelica Oil, Potential Variety against the Great Health Backdrop
 China Angelica Oil, Potential Variety against the Great Health Backdrop
By Chen Shuangting, General Manager of Hongda Pepper Spice Co., Ltd. of Hancheng

Great Health Industry is a popular term of this year, and also a hot topic to bring benefit to the plant extract industry. As part of the plant ingredients against the Great Health Industry, China angelica oil also has a promising future for development. As China angelica is used in wider fields, traditional drinks and powders can no longer meet the diversified market demands, with some new applications added in recent years:
1. Micro powder of China angelica
China angelica is smashed with superfine grinding technology into fine powders to be used in foods, medicines and health care items.

2. China angelica polysaccharides extracted
China angelica polysaccharides(effective substances mainly include angelica lactone and ferulic acid) are separated through aqueous extracting and ethanol precipitation method, to be used in medicines and health care products.

3. China angelica oil extracted
China angelica oil is extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction method to extract the China angelica oil(effective components mainly include ligustilide), to be used in medicines, foods and health care products, or medical intermediates to be further separated and purified into China angelica dropping pill, injection and soft capsules.

Fluctuation of China Angelica Market in Recent Years
As market demand of China angelica constantly increases in recent five years, price of the deeply processed product of China angelica oil is steadily climbing up. Price for China angelica oil has kept a 10%-15% annual growth from 2011, with that reaching the peak by 40% of growth in the latter half of 2013 due to ingredients bad crop at the production field. After Mar. 2015, the price for China angelica oil falls back. As compared with the year beginning, the current price declines by 26%. Afterwards, the price is estimated to be stabilized.
This article presents the price for pure China angelica root essential oil extracted from supercritical carbon dioxide for reference of the reader as between Jan. 2013 and Jun. 2015.
Price Trend of China Angelica Oil in 2013
Unit: RMB/kg
Price Trend of China Angelica Oil in 2014
Unit: RMB/kg
Price Trend of China Angelica Oil in First Half of 2015
Unit: RMB/kg
Technological Application of Super Critical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of China Angelica Oil
Through smashing, super critical carbon dioxide fluid extraction, a mature technology for quantized control of quality, and sectioned extraction of the head, root and tail, China angelica oil of high purity and stable taste and quality can be acquired to be widely used in food and health care fields. Through purification, China angelica oil can also be processed into different medical preparations to give their full play.
Conclusion by comprehensive analysis: deep processing of China angelica has promising market prospect, advanced technology and mature process. Traditional usage combined with modern processes, the ancient plant variety of China angelica plays a better role in guarantee of human health.

Usage of China Angelica
1. Medical use
Known for blood inactivating, stopping and promoting, China angelica is clinically used as chief drug for gynecological diseases, as well as ischemic stroke, arrhythmia, thromboangiitis obliterans, cerebral arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, migraine, cancer resistance and acute nephritis.
2. Edible use
China angelica functions well in blood nourishing and invigorating, intestinal moistening and stool smoothing, and menstruation regulation and blood invigorating. Stewed with other spices in the chicken and mutton, it also shows high nutritive values. A handful of China angelica can also be used with other ingredients to be put in the health care hotpot.
3. Use for health caring
China angelica also contributes to health caring functions such as whitening, freckle moving, blood invigorating, hair generating and weight reducing to be used in cosmetics and shampoos. It can also be put in apple vinegar, coffee and health care wine.

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