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As partially repeated by the Natural Ingredients Magazine, consumers of the new era care more about health and food of low calorie, and natural sugars on the sugar substitute market have been accepted and recognized by most consumers. Pan-Asian region sees the rapidest growth of market share of sugar substitute, with an annual compound growth of 5.5%. By multilateral research and report, through years’ promotion on the global market,Luohanguo extract is good for meeting the demand of sugar-containing foods and beverages by diabetics sufferers, with an annual growth of 10%. Innovative application of Luohanguo extract will grow in faster rate in the coming year!

Yu Zhibin, deputy director of the TCM Office of CCCMHPIE and secretary general of Plant Extract Branch, introduces to Herbridge thatLuohanguois a variety of story. Besides serving as a sweetener, it also has TCM functions such as moistening lung to arrest cough. As now natural sweetener is popular across the globe, Luohanguo, an advantageous extract in China, deserves deeper development to extend the industrial chain. He suggests more efforts be made for enterprises as led by Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients to create a branded industry of China.

Planting Area ofLuohanguoGradually Enlarged
Luohanguo has been known by most consumers for its function to clear away the lung heat and benefit the pharynx. When China’s atmosphere deteriorates in quality as impacted by the haze,Luohanguo is also used to fight against the haze in spite of experts’ varying opinions on its haze resistance effect. Despite the professional opinions,Luohanguo has been increasingly more accepted by consumers. According to Herbridge, 2015 is a harvest year for Luohanguo with Guilin as the major producing area and planting area in Hunan and Jiangxi gradually expanded. Due to full rainfall and climate of this year, the ingredient content is less than that of previous years. As Herbridge hears, the planting area of Luohanguo increases by 1.35 times across China in 2015, with its market price lowered by 10%. Among the overall supply, more than a half is sold as dried fruit, and nearly a half is taken by enterprises. It’s estimated that the planting area will increase in 2016, and the output will have a great rise to form a buyer’s market if no natural disaster occurs.
Luohanguo extract market has a great demand, with a growth of 15-25% to be achieved on the basis of 2015 to total USD 60-75 mln. Market demand increases basically at the same rate with the increase in ingredient supply. It shall be noted that as compared with 2014, the planting area extends by 1.35 times, with price lowered by about 10% and average content decreased by 15% in 2015. Therefore, this year’s price will basically be kept unchanged instead of being lowered as predicted.

All Luohanguo Extract Suppliers Stand out
Luohanguo extract  is a rather successful case among all natural ingredient supplies by our suppliers. Speaking only of the certification, all our suppliers have been rated GRAS in the US. As to certification on other aspects, though different enterprises have different directions for certification, their qualifications are basically the same.
While Luohanguo extract has emerged on the global market for many years, there’re Chinese enterprises sticking to this field and creating their own brands. Major suppliers of Luohanguo extract in China include Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients Co., Ltd., Guilin Monk Fruit Corp. and Hunan Huacheng, which have all passed the GRAS certification of the US.
As Herbridge knows, the rapid development of the market of Luohanguo concentrated juicy is resulted from the promotion of Tailai company, as well as cooperation and promotion of Layn and Monk Fruit of Guilin. Besides Luohanguo extract powder, Guilin Monk Fruit started to development Luohanguo juicy from 2012 as an innovative development.Luohanguo juicy is used in a wide range of fields, mainly in the beverage industry. Currently, they’re collectively involved in the development of Luohanguo juicy and continuing to observe the consumers’ feedback to the market. We also believe Luohanguo juicy will take a considerable part in the juicy industry.
Beverages added with Luohanguo juicy on the market:

No Obstacle in the Way When It’s the Time
Hunan Huacheng Biotech Inc. says to Herbridge Media that Luohanguo extract encounters explosive growth in 2015 as a natural sweetener. Although some reports show the overall performance of beverage market declines in 2015, innovative breakthrough is an essential factor to be considered in the coming year for enterprises at lower reaches. The use of sweetener and addition of plant ingredients of some functions and pertinence will be hot points to be explored in 2016!
Up to date, application of Luohanguo extract at lower reaches covers such fields as beverage, common sweet food, candies, bread and cookies, mainly applied in beverage field such as the Cool Tea of KFC.

Run in the Way towards Future
Market growth of natural sweeteners is simply resulted from the development of terminal products and consumers’ recognition. On the seemingly peaceful market, application of natural sweeteners in food and beverage fields is experiencing unprecedented reform. As Herbridge knows, Luohanguo extracts are expected to have greatly better performance on the European market in 2016. However, North America will basically remain the chief market, with steady increase made in Japanese market where dietary nutrition has long been concerned.
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