Great Health Internet Marketing will Popular in China
While everyone’s so familiar with the concept of Internet+, “Great Health” was again listed on the agenda at this year’s NPC & CPPCC. The two concepts combined create an innovative mode of marketing to cater for consumers. In the natural ingredient industry, there’re some companies that firmly hold this opportunity to put our natural ingredient terminal products to the Internet and the consumers!
On the China Natural Ingredient Conference 2015, Yu Hongjian, General Manager of Zhejiang Jianfeng Health Tech. Co., Ltd. introduces the efforts and achievements made by his company as driven by the trend combining Internet+ with the Great Health.

Market Decided by Demand
Amid the social advancement, residents have to seek for products designed for Great Health due to irregular diet, unbalanced nutrition, inadequate sleep, big mental pressure, prolonged work time, lack of exercise, excessive sitting, massive pressure from work, and dietary demand for the pursuit of beauty. GM Yu introduces on the conference that almost 25% of all the people are at a sub-healthy state, 36.4% are indoorsman, and nearly a third call themselves foodies. Such factors help figure out the direction for development of health-oriented products.

Key points for Great Health oriented marketing
According to the current market trend and products developed by the enterprise, GM Yu proposes five points – i) based on quality products, the Great Health oriented marketing shall cater for the consumers’ self-demand and scenario; ii) efforts shall be made to target at the “single” function to deal with consumer’s physical unwellness. Thus, our products of natural ingredients shall have clear effect and effectiveness; iii) the marketing shall be carried out for special group of people, such as the osteoporosis sufferers; iv) the product attitude enhances individual-society relation, with certain correlation to the high price of the product; and v) use the brand to help consumers set up their own lifestyles. It’s also a factor that needs positioning to delve into the consumers’ minds and become a product, or even a gift, recognized among the consumers.
Major Platforms to Rely for Great Health Internet Marketing
On this mysterious stage of Internet, the constant updating of new channels is impossible without the online communication and instrument of payment. Currently, major online platforms include Alibaba, Tmall, Taobao, No.1 Store, Gome, Suning, JD, and Wechat marketing platform. Currently, Tmall, JD and account for the major part. Nowadays, Wechat marketing platform is quite popular since it requires no investment, stock or management to present three levels of marketing channels at ex-factory price, wholesale price and retail price. 
Through the marketing mode designed for Great Health industry, we’re looking forward to consumer praise and influence besides quality products!
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