From Land to Heart – Lycored’s Innovation Path for Natural Lycopene
The title was used by Milo Shen, director in China region of Lycored, during his speech on the China Natural Ingredient Conference 2015. Although I(author) have listened to Mr. Shen’s lectures for several times and can basically remember his lectures due to my professional understanding to the industry, this is still the first time to hear him perfectly combine the Lycored’s philosophy and the lycopene products in an artistic manner. Let’s follow Mr. Shen’s story:
As the most nutritive components are found to exist in the planet earth, Lycored insists on adopting natural, non-transgenic and standardized components. In this way, Lycored makes contribution to human health by natural, functional raw materials as cored by plant extracts.
Let’s Start from a Tomato
There are over 120 species of tomatoes in the world. Milo Shen introduces that there’re three scientists dedicated to the research of cultivation and selection of tomato species in Lycored’s headquarters in Israel. For the past two decades’ development, Lycored has been insisting on controlling the seed quality through careful selection by themselves. Lycored performs growth control and management throughout the planting process, including detection of heavy metals and pesticide control. Only mature, non-transgenic tomatoes are harvested for extraction. Through careful selection, Lycored’s tomatoes contain 5-8 times more lycopene than ordinary ones. Also the company extracts the whole tomatoes to gain the whole set of nutrients.
How much nutrition does a tomato contain? Lycored has fully figured it out: 95% of water and 5% full active components. Through comprehensive analysis and extraction processing, Lycored extracts the most primary 6% extract of Lyc-O-Mato(R), with 0.8% phytofluene and 0.9% phytoene.
Technical Support
Before learning about the whole product categories of Lycored, let’s have a review of its acquisition path: In 1995, Lycored was founded and positioned as a producer of extracts from natural carotene, lycopene, lutein, Beta-carotene and rosemary to be used in dietary supplements, food coloring and nutritive strengthening. Three years later in 1998, it acquired the Israeli company BioDar that is known for its micro-capsule technology. Five years later in 2003, it continued to acquire the British leading premix producer Nutriblend. Eight years later in 2006, it then acquired the American granules producer H. Lisman. 12 years later in 2012, it finally acquired the Ukrainian Beta-carotene producer Vitan. Consequently, Lycored becomes a versatile natural, functional raw material supplier, which is capable of producing capsuled natural raw materials, compounding and premixing of various components, and producing granule-form natural raw materials based upon client demands. Backed up by power technologies, Lycored manages to polish its techniques as special and delicate as an art.
Lycored offers natural lycopene in granule form(LycoBeads and Lycopene), powder, oil(Lyc-O-Mato and Lyc-O-Pen), formula active compound(Car-O-Blends), and standard form. Through technical means, it realizes efficient bio-utility activity, and makes products stable and standard. Adequate clinical tests have proved the products’ safety and effectiveness, with many components acknowledged as GRAS.
Through years’ clinical tests, Lycroed positions natural lycopene as powerful all-aspect nutrient. Lycopene is tested to be clearly active in promoting the health of the brain, bone, heart, prostate gland and skin, and its function on human body has been largely figured out, with relevant application patents applied.
As to the commonly seen chronic diseases in modern society, Milo Shen also introduces some competent data to show the role of higher intake of lycopene played in prevention of chronic diseases:

As developer of natural, functional raw materials, Lycored also pioneers in supervision and approval in all countries, which has passed the FDA certification of the USA, the EU certification and the TGA standard certification, an Australian certification known for its strict tests. Worthy of the name, Lycored positions itself as leader of the global producers of natural products. Speaking of the leaders of natural ingredients, Herbridge, as a senior research platform of the industry, just speaks on a subject with great familiarity, which includes Indena of Italy, and Naturex of France. All such leaders are leading the industry with their specific characteristics and unarguable technological edges.
International enterprises have so much for us to learn, e.g. their efforts to elevate the natural, functional raw materials as cored by natural ingredients to a truly scientific level. Through entry into China, they will greatly promote the development and application of China’s market of natural, functional raw materials, thus making notable contribution to professional health support to consumers of our country.
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