​Reputation and Quality – Basis for China Natural Ingredients Industry
China Natural Ingredients Conference 2015 was held in Kaiyuan Hotel of Beidouwan on Oct. 29 and 30 as scheduled. 2015 is an extraordinary year for the plant extraction industry. The accident of ginkgo leaf extractives continues to present shock to the industry. As of the date, the archiving is basically completed, with the majority put into normal production.
Liu Zhanglin, deputy president of CCCMHPIE says, as a coin has two sides, national supervision can also be a good way to put an industry to regularized development. At any rate, enterprises shall keep a firm stance on reputation and quality against their future positioning, and constantly improve their own software and hardware standards to enhance their competitiveness. At the beginning of his speech, Mr. Liu congratulates the successful hosting of the CNIC 2015, and expresses his gratitude to Herbridge media and good wishes to Guian New Area.
Mr. Liu introduces to all representatives in the forum that demand on the international market continues to rise nowadays. Apparent growth can be seen in export to the US and countries from Southeast Asia. Popular varieties have good performance in export market, with prices down 17.8% year on year. Among all natural ingredients exported from Jan. to Aug. in 2015, extractives from steviarebaudiana, huckleberry, marigold, momordicagrosvenori, silybum marianum and liquorice, as well as rutin, Capsanthin, eucalyptusoil and cassia oil, rank the top 10.
For natural ingredients exported to 11 countries and regions such as the US, Japan, Malaysia and Germany from Jan. to Aug. 2015, export to India and Mexico renders negative growth. Prices decrease by 4.12%-47.46% for export to the US, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong of China, India, South Korea, Germany and other countries, the largest down for Hong Kong of China.
Mr. Liu also says, while natural ingredients encounter major development opportunities in the domestic market, more concern from the capital market will further strengthen the competitiveness of premium enterprises.
By advocacy of CCCMHPIE and Herbridge media, the China Health Industrial Alliance of Plant Extractive is thus established to promote the industrial dream of premium enterprises and to make the Announcement of Guiyang!
Mr. Liu hopes our work can help and lead excellent enterprises to realize their industrial dream!
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