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- Yu Xiaodong Speech on China Natural Ingredients Conference 2015
Esteemed representatives and guests,
Good morning/afternoon! Discussing the development of plant extraction in Guian New Area is the very right thing to do in the very right place in my opinion. Of course, on behalf of the host of Guian New Area, the organizers of CCCMHPIE, Herbridge media and all co-organizers, I’d like to extend my welcome to all representatives present today.
In fact, besides participation in this conference, I come to Guian New Area this time also for research of the regional layout of the Great Health industry and investigation of the way to promote the rapid development of plant extraction industry. At first place, on behalf of the National Project Management Office and Great Health League, I’d like to extend my sincere congratulation to the successful opening of this forum, and hope that through this forum, Guian New Area will be promoted to become a core base for China’s plant extraction industry.
Guian New Area has exclusively good conditions to develop the plant extraction industry. When it steps into the new stage of development, new issues are encountered in the national health area, i.e. the blowout development of noninfectious chronic diseases. People now face two major sorts of chronic diseases related to immunity and body recession. This just promotes the Western medicine to keep abreast with the time and step onto the third phase of development, Health Care.
At the phase of Health Care Medicine, we naturally find the scalpels and antibiotics useful in the previous Phase I of “Treatment Medicine” and Phase II of “Prevention Medicine” become invalid. The key to address problems related to immunity and body degradation lies in the adjustment of the human body to cure diseases before their onset, in making people, a natural organism, have a more scientific lifestyle and a better balanced diet to improve the operation of all organs and systems of the humans, and in rendering people more resistant against pollution of the exterior environment and the attack of free radicals and better at postponing the aging process.
At this phase, natural plants and their extractives play an important role in human’s health career. Meanwhile, nutriology also makes progress alongside the time to add cellulose and water to the existing protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and minerals. Not enough though, we also need “endogenous nutrients” that are inadequately generated in the human body, such as coenzyme Q10, and alpha lipoic acid. Another category, most concerned at this forum, is the phytochemicas that cannot be generated in human bodies, the plant extractives. Essentially serving as guard against adverse environment, bacteria and virus in the nature, the phytochemicas are used to maintain and improve our health.
In my opinions, Guian New Area has good conditions to develop the great health industries and plant extraction sectors that even cannot be bought with money. Not to take too much time of you, I just mention such points and won’t have detailed statement.
1. Plant diversity and scaled output. There’re at least 4802 sorts of herbal drugs, with many authentic ones capable of scaled production. While this figure simply covers the herbal drugs, it will be multiplied when all plants are considered. Effective extractives from such plants can deal with the massive markets in food and beverage, cosmetics, makeup, chemical engineering, environmental protection, health care, anti-aging, medicine and decoration.
2. Ecological environment. Compared with developed coastal areas, Guian New Area has the best “Comparative Advantage” and “Exchange Value”. Guizhou has the ecological bank that is beyond the purchasing power of money. Your current topic is to “maintain the principal and withdraw the interest”. Natural plants and their extractives then play just as the interest of the ecological bank of millions of years’ deposit.
3. Safe and secured farming and breeding products. Such products are finished products on one hand, and hi-end raw materials on the other for further processing of health products.
4. Traditional medicines of Chinese and Miao Nationality. Our precious traditional medicines are brought forth by millions of years’ time and millions of people’s lives. However, failing to confirm the chemical components of the effective matters, nor their proportion and constitution, and sort out the toxic and harmful substances, TCM develops more slowly than Western medicines to better serve humanity’s health career. Then the development of plant extraction solves the problem to make Chinese medicines internationally accepted, thus contributing to the health of the whole globe.
Compared with the extensive definition of the great health concept, Guizhou also has the characteristic “mental resources” in addition to the said “ecological resources”. As we know, a comprehensive “great health” concept covers also the healthy mentality and mindset. Guizhou is known for its abundant tourism and humanistic resources. Songs and dances, architectures and customs of various nationalities gather here to jointly form a profound culture of labor, health care and happiness. The admirable great health covers both the healthy body and happy mood. What I said are humanistic and characteristic conditions to develop natural plant extraction industry in Guian New Area.
In a word, I hope more consensus can be reached in this forum to accelerate the development of China’s plant extraction industry. Also I hope both imaginary and solid effects can be taken to speed up the industrial clustering and development of Guian New Area in Guizhou.
I hope I can make due contribution in this regard. Thank you all for your time!
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