Silymarin price will Rise?

Reduction of Silymarin production will make price increases inevitably

Xi’an Chem-Bio told Herbridge Media that compared to 2012 farmer’s planting silymarin enthusiasm, in 2013--2015 they were more reasonable. In the past three years, silymarin nationwide acreage is basically of 200-250 thousand acres. Each year with the influence of the weather, there will be some changes in the supply of outputs. For example, this year, the harvest time is still in a month or so, but up to now, the signal has been passed to the market that the output for nearly 50 thousand acres of silymarin may be severely reduced in northeast region due to drought. This year's Silymarin is expected to have some supply gap and the market price will fluctuate along with a forecast of 20 percent rise.
Steady supply and demand of Silymarin
Silymarin supply area has been gradually spread to the nationwide supply from the original concentration area in Panjing. With little change in market demand, the market competitiveness will definitely been increased. Differentiation and branding is the main direction of the current part of the business!
By the end of 2014, since silymarin seed prices declined, silymarin market prices also came down. In January of 2015, market prices have stabilized.
In the first half of the year during 2013-2015, Herbridge Media conducted a price chart analysis For reference by takingSilymarin extracts from Bis 30%UV80% acetone as an example (These years Silymarin market price is proportional to the silymarin seed market price ).
Unit: ¥/kg
The promotion of the new regulations to be implemented in China in 2016
According to Herbridge Media, Silymarin global annual market demand is over 1000 tons which China’s pharmaceutical demand accounted for 1/5.
The implementation of the country's new regulations in 2016 will lead to more qualified suppliers compliant with regulatory requirements of CFDA, and the original relatively curable domestic market will become more active, thus will naturally promote market demand of silymarin.
Silymarin will raise price?
With one month from the new production of the silymarin seed, xi’an Chem-Bio told Herbridge Media, according to the new market trend of raw materials prices, it is forecasted that silymarin will have prices rise because of silymarin seed prices have risen. Expected growth rate will be between about 10% -20%, with overall demand growing steadily.
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