Nattokinase Markets Show Unlimited Potential
Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans.It contains a lot of physiological activators such as nattokinase,vitamin K2,Y-PGA,protease and so on.Natto prolonged life of patients with familial hyperlipidemia by 7 years,according to Medical Tribune Japan.ITA published that natto is one of the main reason for Japanese longevity.
With the wide application of natto, people began to pay more attention to its special ingredient. The most famous event happened in 1980 ,when Sumi was doing text.He discovered a substance that can dissolve the thrombus and named it “nattokinase”.
Nattokinase is a potent fibrinolytic enzyme fermented by bacteria Bacillus subtilis.It can dissolve thrombus by directly degrading cross-linked fibrin without causing bleeding. Besides,nattokinase has benefits ranging from the prevention of hypertension and atherosclerosis.As the result, it has become a new kind of oral thrombolytic product,played an active role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer's Disease.
The Nattokinase Market Capacity Won't Be Overpassed
The Herbridge learnt that nattokinase has become the most potential health food as the market is gradually open. It is estimated conservatively that Japan has sales of billion dollars a year,as well as the US, Europe and Canada.The global market capacity is about $15 billion and in the next three years,China market capacity will reach 19 billion yuan.
Nattokinase Standard Deficiency
At the moment, the domestic nattokinase market mixed with ordinary natto powder and natto dry powder,even unsafe fibrinolytic enzyme products. The causes of market order confusion can be reduced to two:One is the limitation of production and detection technology,the other is the lack of uniform standards and test methods.Some manufacturers defined urokinase as nattokinase but its activity was about 1/4 of nattokinase;Others regarded lumbrokinase as nattokinase and said the activity could reach 60,000Fu/g while 500Fu/g in fact,only 1/160 of nattokinase.
According to the criteria set by JNKA,the true nattokinase   is a single polypeptide chain composed of 275 amino acids (molecular weight 27KD) which displays strong fibrinolytic activity.Its content reach 20000FU/g(raw material)and 2000FU/grain(product).In the international market,the fibrinolytic activity of nattokinase is generally between 10000 and 40000FU/g.SungenBio using the high-speed centrifugation and filtration process and multi-stage membrane filter technology to remove the impurities completely and extract vitamin K2.And concentrating the nattokinase by 84000 times,the fibrinolytic activity is 65,000FU/g (conventional activity is 20,000FU/g). In order to meet the requirement of high-quality materials from global customers,SungenBio has obtained pure nattokinase.
SungenBio,an innovation-driven ingredients manufacturer on fermented products, has been devoted itself to the research of peptide dugs and bio-fermentation technology for 25 years.Both of ExtraQ7,Extranatto and  Extrakinase are fermented by bacteria Bacillus subtilis.SungenBio has been identified as the only Nattokinase Manufacture and Quality Management Demonstration Base in China,alsothe membership of TNA and NPA.It has obtained 39 invention patents and 19 new patent applications.All the product meet the cGMP standards.
Development History of SungenBio
Dr. Jiepeng Chen and his team launched the research of peptide drugs and paclitaxel in Peking University.
Pilot-scale study on G-CSF and IL-1ra.
New anticancer drug Alternol has been discovered.SungenBio finished the structure confirmation and patent application.
The project of“Genetic Engineering Strains Phargen AA-026 Produced Anticancer Drug—Paclitaxel” identified by the China National MOST.
The research project of Nattokinase was launched.
The agreement of “Secondary Metabolism Engineering Joint Laboratory” was signed with the Institute of Botany,Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The research project of Nattokinase was launched.
Raw material industrialization production line and preparation production line have been built and put into operation.
ExtrakinaseTM and Extra-nattoTM were launched.
ExtrakinaseTM and Extra-nattoTM were supported by TNA
The genome sequencing of Extra-NattoTM,ExtrakinaseTM and Extra Q7TM were completed by CAS.
TNA proved that the thrombolytic activity of ExtrakinaseTM and Extra-nattoTM were 65,000 FU/g.
SungenBio has been identified as the only Nattokinase Manufacture and Quality Management Demonstration Base in China.
ISO and HACCP certificated
HALAL and KOSHER certificated
SungenBio obtained the membership of NPA .
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