Kudzu Extract Price Stay Stable

According to Herbridge Media, Kudzu extract market has been relatively stable in recent years, mainly due to:

1.Kudzu raw material is relatively stable;
2.Kudzu extract is a relatively mature product. Since the process is mature, the cost control is relatively stable accordingly.
3.In recent years, Kudzu extract market demand is steady with little change. International market is mostly based on liquid detection while domestic market is mostly based on UV detection.
Enterprise viewpoints
Ankang Huaye pharmaceutical plant co. Ltd told Herbridge Media that early in 2008 and 2009, it has already been in development with isoflavones as main component hangover beverages. These products require isoflavones have good water solubility.
Dalihoude Biotech Ltd told Herbridge Media that Kudzu extract production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Shaanxi and Hubei Province. Kudzu extract is relatively more used in the field of health care products. The proportion of the products also has business use. Future market demand of Kudzu Extract is expected to be reduced. On one hand, it is because that it has been found Ampelopsisgrossedentata, Calligonum (Hovenia) extracts have similar effect to Kudzu extract and they may become a substitute for Kudzu Extract.
China’s 70-80% of the Kudzu extract supply the domestic market, and the rest portion export to the international market.
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