​“Blue Hat” Record System Will coexist for Health Foods
The newly revised New Food Safety Law will be implemented formally on October 1, and the health food industry will enter the new period of mark coexistence between “blue hat” registration system and orange red record system from the single “blue hat” era.
According to the New Food Safety Law, there will be 4 doors entering the China's nutritional health food market in the future, and enterprises can make a plan before action according to their own situations. They are respectively the health foods of coexistence between registration and record, the registered formula foods with special medical use and the common nutritional foods with QS mark, and some original dietary supplements can also enter the domestic market through the mode of declaring the imported foods without national standards.    
It is estimated that the purchasing power of China's nutritional health food consumers will exceed RMB 1 trillion, but at present it has reached RMB 200 billion and therefore there will be a potentially large market. At present, the market gate has been opened, it may be wrong to take action but it must be wrong to take no action.  
According to incomplete statistics, the integration trend occurs in the industry but China still has more than 15,000 “conference marketing” teams at present. The “conference marketing” is still one of the most important sales modes in the health industry, and its sales quota accounts for about 22% of the whole health product market scale. In 2014, the total volume of retail sales of China’s health foods was about RMB 150 billion; there were more than 2,600 production enterprises, and the non-store direct selling, conference marketing and mail-order enterprises accounted for 77%.
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