White Willow Bark Extract Market in 2014

The market of white willow bark extract has been stable in recent years. The demand expands to Middle East from the United States. The demand sees an increase in natural cosmetics and health products.

“White willow bark extract is mainly for international market with the demand of 200 tons a year,” said one manager from San Yuan Jin Rui Bioengineering Co., Ltd, “The extract is primarily used in cosmetics and health products, featured by 98 percent and 15 percent respectively.”
The demand of white willow bark extract saw a surge from late 2009 to early 2010, then declined sharply as terminal enterprises canceled formula. The market has been adjusted by 2014.The demand maintained stable with year-on-year growth of 5-10 percent.
The common specification was 50 percent, and largely exported to America and small to West Europe years ago. After 2010, the demand made varied, and the extract of 15 percent to 98 percent are all ordered. Besides America and West Europe, the extracts are also exported to Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
White Willow Bark Extract Prices in 2014
The prices saw no drastic fluctuations through the year. With not enough goods in storage at the beginning and end of the year, the price rose or declined about 15 percent.
15 percent White Willow Bark Extract Prices in 2014 (RMB/kg)

Stricter Quality Control
Foreign buyers made stricter requirements on metal and pesticide residues, which challenges domestic manufacturers. The quality control covered not only the test chain, but also all the production chains. Take Manufacturers of White Willow Bark Extract for example, some suppliers monitor the whole production process with camera and can offer surveillance video at every chain if required. That is a vast improvement.
Market Prediction
The price of white willow bark extract is likely to rise at the beginning of 2015, but continue to keep stable after Chinese New Year. Considering its benefits to relieve fatigue, the extract may see an upward demand in 2015. 
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