Special Report: Spine Date Seed Extract

    Limited by demand, manufacturers of Spine Date Seed Extracts are not large in China. The main specifications are 10:1, 2 percent and 3 percent. There are 10 less manufacturers, and half of them offer the extracts to Europe, Asia and America.

    The global demand has been stable in recent years, and most manufacturers are located in Xi’an city of Shaanxi province, Zhejiang and Hunan provinces, according to herbridge.com.
    The largest demand is still from domestic market, according to Zhejiang Huisong Pharmaceuticals. The extract has been sold at a high price since 2012. The price has been falling in recent months, but the demand still saw a decrease.
    With its sleep benefits, Spine date seed has been used for a long history, which is recorded in Pharmacopoeia of The People’s Republic of China. But on the global market, Spine date seed lacks for scientific support.     Moreover, the level of effective ingredients is so low that Vietnam-sourced and Burma-sourced seeds are not suit for extraction. The production of high-content seeds is small, which depresses the demand. It needs more scientific achievements to expand the demand in dietary supplements and herbal medicines.
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