Hesperidin Price Continues to Rise on Citrus’s Declining Production

      It is very hard to collect citrus fruits this year because it continues to rain through every growing region during harvest season. The citrus production declines by 30 to 40 percent from the same period last year.

    The price of citrus has doubled compared with the same period last year, and there was no citrus for extraction in storage by late August, according to Herbridge Media.
    In 2012, the citrus production also decreased significantly for unfavorable weather and the price has risen for a period. The good harvest in 2013 eased the short supply, but the price didn’t decline significantly. The production dropped again in 2014, which some manufacturers didn’t expect. For most manufacturers, the quantity of citrus in storage is half of that in previous years. It is no doubt that the citrus price has skyrocketed.
    There are ten less hesperidin manufacturers in China, according to Herbridge Media. Most of larger manufactures are located in Chengdu county of Sichuan Province, including Sichuan HUAFAMEI Enterprise Co., Ltd, Chengdu Di’ao Chemistry of Plant Co., Ltd, Chengdu Pujiang Shuxi Plant Biochemical Co., Ltd, Chengdu Okay Co., Ltd, Chengdu Hawk Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. Moreover, Hanzhong TRG Biotech Co., Ltd is also offering hesperidin.
    Hesperidin is mainly exported to Europe, America and the Southeast Asia. The demand is large, and China now can supply the global demand.
    “Hesperidin is only for Europe before 2000, then is gradually accepted in America, and now is used around the world. The market demand rises 10 to 20 percent year by year.”A person from Chengdu Di’ao Chemistry of Plant told Herbridge Media.
    “High-content citrus extracts are in short supply this year. If the consumption is too large, the price will rise again. The extract demand has been stable for years, except flavonoids in larger demand in America.” Said a person from Chengdu Okay .
    Most of global buyers are old clients for years. Considering their acceptability, the price of hesperidin will rise in control.
    The price of hesperidin has risen since July. Take 90 percent hesperidin for example, the price tendency is as follws.

The price of hesperidin will continue to rise, according to Herbridge Media.
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