2014Vitafoods Asia Report
Hong Kong Vitafoods Asia, with its geographical advantage, gathered the enterprises of the European and American, many of dietary supplement companies and plant extracts supplier who from Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries in Asia. The Asia market represented by Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia, in recent years, with the demand for health products increase unceasingly, they are not only meeting the demand of its market but also driving the huge demand for health food trends of Chinese consumer.
In this exhibition, South Korean companies launched sources of natto kinase by fermentation extract, this product can effectively control the blood pressure, of which DHA, that help improve the neutral substances in the blood, promoting blood flow. The product has passed South Korea food and drug administration certification. Currently, the consumer eating habits have changed, such as for blood pressure management is no longer an option, but becomes a necessary health habits, of course, this phenomenon are not obvious in the crowd of hypertension patients of China.
Natto is added bacillus natto in the cooked soybean, then fermenting in 40 ℃ high temperature. It belongs to the traditional diet of Japan. Natto kinase is recycle "vitamin K2" from the "natto" through has been patented vitamin K2 recycling method. That also is a kind of functional ingredients of lower blood pressure.
Chinese exhibitors have Zhejiang Huisong pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Novanat biology industrial Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Jiaherb pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xi'an Appchem bio-tech Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Aoxing-bio-tech Co., Ltd., Shandong Longlive bio-tech Co., Ltd., Nanjing Tianhua chemical engineering Co., Lld., Qingdao BNP Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Guan Jie bio-tech Co., Ltd..
The display products of the Chinese company is still mainly to ginkgo biloba extract, green tea extract, cranberry extract, silymarin, rhodiola extract, apple extract, ginseng extract, echinacea extract, ginger extract and monk fruit extract.
Zhejiang Huisong launched a plant extract, bee products and traditional Chinese medicine in this exhibition. The kind of steam sterilized powder is not through the radiation sterilization, which obtained GMP certification for production workshop, using Japan's most advanced air sterilization equipment to supplies in according with the specifications of medicine, health food products. Mainly have more than 50 powder products, such as asparagus, cranberry, immature bitter orange, black currant, ginkgo leaf, echinacea and so on.
Probiotic is the one of the fastest growing functional ingredients in the international market in recent years. Demand for the biggest is the European market; the second is the US market. In the terms of the European market, Germany demand for probiotics in the first place, Britain is the fastest growing countries. As more important in the 21st century health care concept, probiotics has been widely used in food, functional food, dietary supplements, drugs, cosmetics, feed, water purification and environmental protection and other fields. Its functional food market development company mainly include: Yakult, Danone, Nestle, Valio, Biogaia, Chr Hansen, Danisco and Probi AB. In addition to the Chr Hansen (Denmark) and a South Korean company launched probiotics, Shanghai Novanat also has introduced probiotics powder with regulating the intestinal flora in this exhibition; it can be used in the field of health care products and foods. In this exhibition the visitors who come from India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Hong Kong region of China is enthusiasm, which markets are still optimistic in the future.
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