2014Vitafoods Asia Report------ HongKong Asia World-Expo Arena (HKAWE)
With the development of nutrition health food, it occupies the leading position in emerging markets. Multinational in the global economy, however, appear different degree under the condition of the recession, Vitafoods has attracted the world's top scholars, researchers and scientists to explore the latest trend, development and business applications of health care products.
Herbridge Media is one of the media partners of 2014Vitafoods Asia. This exhibition the exhibitors are from Europe and the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and China's mainland and Taiwan, HongKong, Macao, nearly 187 exhibitors. Which covers the fields of allergies and intolerances, aging, bone and joint health, cancer prevention, diabetes, energy and tolerance, eye health, intestinal health, heart health, immune system, men's health, maternal and child health, pet health, mental and cognitive health, nutrition of protect skin, athletic performance, weight management and anorexia and women's health. Terminal products including algae products, aloe products, anti-aging products, beauty products, cereals, dairy products, food products, children's supplements/dietary supplements, diabetes products, energy food, fruit and vegetable juice, energy drinks and nutrition bar, functional food, health food products, herbal supplements, infant nutrition, minerals and microelements supplement, omega supplements, organic products, pet care products and pharmaceutical/OTC products, probiotics, super food, sweeteners, less sodium products, less calories products, vitamin supplements, etc. The ingredients and raw materials of these  products include algae, aloe, amino acids, antioxidants, astaxanthin, active ingredients, calcium, carbohydrates, carnitine, carotene, icing, pigments, enzymes, emulsifiers, fiber, flavonoids, fatty acids, lipids and oil, essential oil, ginseng, krill, juice and concentrate, flavoring, lipid, lutein, magnesium, Marine ingredients, Marine omega, new ingredients and plant extracts, soft capsule, protein, probiotics, resveratrol, vitamin E, collagen, vitamin K, stevia sugar, soybean ingredients, Q10, wheat protein, fermentation product, and so on. In addition, the exhibition also appeared all kinds of certification bodies and equipment, such as extraction, consulting, capsule, filling, freeze-dried, packaging and labeling, product development, quality assurance, research, powder spray drying and tablet.

New ingredients
Orthosiphi Herb P.E(Mao Xu Cao Extract)
According to incomplete statistics of Herbridge Media, exhibitors who come from Europe and the United States and China accounts for nearly half of the number of pavilion, and it is worth noting that the Malaysia exhibitors are concentrated on a few booths, especially dazzling in the whole structure. Much enterprise is the first time to Vitafoods Asia. In the Malay enterprise of Herbridge reporter one by one to visit, an enterprise’s new ingredient: Orthosiphi Herb P.E, caused the special attention of Herbridge Media. The company research and development personnel said that Mao Xu Cao (OrthosiphonariStatus) are mainly grow in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Guangdong, Hainan, the southern of Guangxi and Yunnan, Taiwan and Fujian province of China; Often under the wet place of forests, sometimes on the ground that no shade, more for cultivation. It will be used to mainly against diabetic population. The company has its own R&D team, laboratory and facilities. This ingredient has been passed by the cGMP and FDA certification. In order to smoothly enter the Chinese market, the company gets the nutrition of water (canssufive) that contains the Mao Xu Cao extract to participate in the exhibition, for the first time to cooperation with terminal market.
Diabetes is one of the world's focuses on health problems, in recent years, plant herbal supplements and food about diabetes also emerge in endlessly. We believe that this field will become one of the main industry competition markets. However, the information about Orthosiphi Herb P.E must be relatively scarce, which maybe gestates various potential business opportunities. Now Orthosiphi Herb P.E is only used to the nutrition water for diabetes people, it is possible that use for the fields of drink, dessert, coffee and food in the future. We are looking forward to Chinese enterprise to break through in this field.
Hull of Water Chestnut Extract
Although hull of water chestnut extract is not the display component for this exhibition, but it was enough to attract our eyes, so the Herbridge’s reporter presses it into the new ingredient. A Hong Kong phytochemistry technology development company said to Herbridge Media, they start cooperation with the University of California for hull of water chestnut extract research, it is about to pre-production. The active ingredient for hull of water chestnut extract may help protect eye retinal capillary health.
Hull of water chestnut, also known as "water chestnut", aquatic plant hull of water chestnut, attribute is unknown. It have cultivated or wild in the provinces of China's south. The edible flesh, tender stem can make vegetables, fruit have sharp two horns, commonly known as water caltrop. Water caltrop has long canes and green leaves, leaf shape as the diamond, which growth in the lake, so its fruit also known as hull of water chestnut. Stems about it are purple, has bright yellow flowers. Hull of water chestnut for cancer inhibition rate was 28.8%. “The newsletter of Chinese herbal medicine” in September 1979 reported that hull of water chestnut have anti-cancer effect in the body in vitro screening test. Radiotherapy controlled trials also proved that it has a good effect for degeneration and hyperblastosis of cancer cells. According to the generation of research report pointed out that water chestnut pulp can play the role in anti ascites of liver cancer AH – 13. It is found that water chestnut shell alcohol immersion also has anti-cancer effect inside with Ehrlich ascites cancer screening trial. The current research about water chestnut extract also very limited, we look forward more research to prove the health benefits of it.
New technology, new concept
The company is studying the yew tree plant stem cell culture technology, this mean that the plant stem cells from yew cambium or procambium, after by enzyme catalysis, and then through the fermentation process to form the source of fermentation were the yew tree plant stem cells have the same effect, the international company said to Herbridge Media. Once the yew tree plant stem cell is cultivated successful, which will became the Gospel of cancer patients, and reduces the cut down of plant, is conducive to environmental protection. In addition, the cost is also very good control for the source of fermentation plant stem cells that is good for consumers and manufacturers. But unfortunately, there is no clear industry standard about the plant stem cells quality measure at present in China. With the current international situation, if traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) wants to continue to flourish in China, the development of plant stem cells is one of effective way; otherwise the market can be replaced by Japan and South Korea.
Dr Yang, Malaysia, said that they came to Hong Kong exhibition in China, with the purpose of found trying to grow tropical herbs of the enterprise by Herbridge Media, the introduction of Malaysia region, and tropical herbs commercial cultivation. Dr Yang said Malaysia has vast untapped and unpolluted land resources, coupled with climate advantages, more suitable for growing tropical herbs.
Planting herbs need suitable climatic conditions and quality of land resources, for example, the China’s northeast region, especially in Jilin, Heilongjiang province and other places are more suitable for planting ginseng, astragalus, acanthopanax, etc. There have more than 1000 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials species, just Heilongjiang province are more than 800, of which 818 species of plants, 30 kinds of animals, 4 classes of minerals and others, mainly distributed in The Greater Hinggan, the Lesser Hinggan and the ZhangGuangCaiLing area of the Changbai mountain. At present, the northeast has been formed the basis of Astragalus Membranaceus, Acanthopanax, Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Dahurian Rhododendron Leaf, Bear Bile and Bitter Ginseng as the main raw material of anti-inflammatory, antivirus, anti-aging series products. With the rise of Chinese herbal medicine price in the international market, Chinese herbal medicine in northeast of China gradually aroused the concern of the international apothecary, the development of the industry in the market opportunity. Therefore, to strengthen the construction of planting base of Chinese herbal medicine is the effective way. At present, most of the forest land and "Five kind of Wasteland " of the Chinese northeast area, are very suitable for planting and cultivation of Fructus Schisandrae, Acanthopanax, wood frog and other products, parts is not yet effective use and development.
However, with the rapid development of global economy in recent years, the pollution is serious, such as air, water, that leads to the deterioration of the environment, climate anomalies, and land resources polluted by factors such as pesticide and heavy metal, also seriously affected the herbs planting industry development of our country. Herbridge Media expected that companies be able to take the industry development and environmental protection as a development strategy, while the enterprise development and growth of their own, to be able to practice environmental responsibility.
The market trends
Each exhibition hall is full of various products in this exhibition, dizzying, as if walking food court, such as functional food, nutrition bars, energy drinks, vitamins, nutritional breakfast, low sugar, low salt, low calorie, omega, weight management, and other products can be seen everywhere. It may also convey a market trend and consumption concept to the visitors.
Identify product category
Industry product classification after integration, this will perhaps certain restrictive effect on product innovation. At present, a lot of the company is committed to the product categories define explicit. However, product positioning should be clear, not only lies in the definition category, but also the idea of consumers. Many consumers are now looking for some differentiated products. In terms of baked goods, future consumers may more incline to choose bread mixed products, such as the brownie biscuits, doughnuts, muffins, waffles, croissants, macaroons.
To help narrated for the difficult to distinguish the product category, and therefore grasp some new opportunities, make innovation of product from spices (fragrance), the formula and packaging, convenience, health and other aspects, may get the result that unexpected. Product taste changes, from salty to sweet taste, from the non-alcohol to alcohol, from non-food to food, will bring new opportunities to the product. In addition, the formula of innovation will create a new concept, such as a zero calorie ice soda, which can provide two kinds of benefits, namely, healthy and fun.
In conclusion, to get the attention of consumers in the short term, the novelty and differentiation will inject new vitality to the market; next, providing a new category and consumer benefits. In terms of long-term effects, it provide a benefit in the real sense to recall the attention of consumers; Third, the brand extension. A longer period of time, a kind of familiar with the brand in a new category of consumers will get higher attention.
Ingredient trends
As the aging of population significant increasingly, the problems about maintaining cognitive ability, memory and learning ability is still increasing. In 2013, about nearly 9% of the supplements is that the brain health product, according to the market data of INNOVA. Among new food and beverage, with the health claim of products accounted for 0.9% of tracking a global product features introduced, of which 75% of products are infant food.
It is estimated that by 2030, Alzheimer’s disease is common around the world. Global Alzheimer’s population will increase from 44 million in 2013 to 135 million in 2050. Now, the number of Alzheimer’s disease patient is respectively about nearly 33.04 million in Asia, about 3.92 million in Africa, about 14.78 million in the United States, about 13.95 million Europe. Global dementia population is total about 69.65 million.
Alzheimer's disease is the sixth cause of death in American, but also its pay the cost of the highest diseases, according to Herbridge Media. In 2014, America in the care of patients with Alzheimer's disease in direct spending up to $214 billion, including $150 billion in medicare and medical aid. To Alzheimer’s disease related to 2050 spending up to $1.2 trillion. In the United States, however, 65 years old women (1/6) risk of dementia is higher than male (1/11).
The key ingredients that can benefit to cognitive healthin the future including omega 3 fatty acids, especially DHA; followed by GABA, namely the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is a kind of natural nonprotein amino acids, as important inhibitory nerve convey material in the mammalian central nervous system, about 30% of the central nervous synapse with GABA as neurotransmitters. It plays an important role in the human cerebral cortex, hippocampus, thalamus, basal ganglia and cerebellum, and for a variety of functions of the body has a regulatory role; The third is the l-theanine, will add this component in some soft drinks, so as to promote mental acuity.
In addition, energy claims is still hot. With the development of economy, the accelerating rhythm of life, people's work time grew more persistent, in order to maintain a good working and living condition, more and more consumers begin to seek increased energy products. Therefore, the new delivery forms are constantly. According to data show that global launch of the claim traceability with energy products up to 2531 in 2010, increased by 8.7% in 2011, increased by 6.6% in 2012, and increased nearly 18.1% in 2013.
In the future, the problem about fatigue and lack of energy will resonate throughout the world. its attention to proportion in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Britain, France, India, China, Australia, Japan and other were 51%, 45%, 55%, 41%, 28%, 48%, 51%, 52% and 53% respectively.
In terms of energy and alternative claims, caffeine will also continue to be the king. Among 2013 global launch of traceability of energy claim products, contain caffeine (57%), taurine (51%), Brazil cocoa (32%), ginseng (23%) and zinc (20%).
In addition, the percentage of consumers who use daily coffee to increased energy in Italy, Canada, Australia, Mexico and other regions were 42%, 30%, 24% and 30% respectively. Over the past two years, in places such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, Italy, increased caffeine consumption percentage of consumers were 14%, 12%, 11% and 12% respectively.
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