Echinacea extract supply has stable in China
Echinacea extract has the effect of prevention of influenza, enhance immunity, for Germany and the United States, it is main ingredient which used for plants in the field of medicine, health products and animal drug. In the field of animal feed are larger, this year, echinacea extract for effective antibacterial effect instead of the use of antibiotics under the promoting of Chinese relevant laws and regulations. This trend is bound to increase the applied amount of echinacea extract in animal feed and in medical field.
Within the scope of China development of echinacea extract product specification is: 4%-12% polyphenols, 0.2%-5% chicory acid, 0.3%-4% echinacoside, which are pure natural plant ingredients. On a global scale were used. In the international, European and Americanare account for the principal demand, followed by Spain, Bangladesh and other countries. Its annual consumption of echinacea extract is 50 tons. While the domestic demand for health care products, cosmetics, and animal feed manufacturers mainly, the annual demand is 40 tons, including pharmaceutical industry (10%), health care products industry (60%) and the feed industry (30%).
Planting area is increased
Due to the large market demand, in recent years, echinacea has attracted a lot of farmers to plant echinacea raw materials, according Herbridge Media. Now, mainly planting areas are: Shaanxi, Shanxi, Dalian, Henan, Hunan, Beijing and other places. The planting area for echinacea not less than 20 thousand acres in the nationwide, more than doubled compared to last year. The current market feedback, echinacea market supply is adequate that leads the price to low, it decline 25% than the same period of last year, the price stability so far.
The market continue to steady
Since last April echinacea extract prices remained stable. General specification of 4% polyphenols market reference price in¥70-80 /kg, specifications of 1% chicory acid reasonable market prices in¥110-120 /kg, and 4% chicory acid market price is¥300 /kg.
It will be bull market
Echinacea extract, as a more traditional extract, its market usage is increased. It is concerned that a lot of veterinary drug companies to switch to used echinacea extract products after the country banned antibiotics in the field of veterinary drugs, that has played a very important role in animal health products industry in terms of influenza. Expected future market of echinacea extract has a large market space for development in the feed applications.
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