Yohimbine extract market demand is increasing and price stability
Yohimbine as an active substance is extracted from the yohimbine bark of natural species "YOHIMBE” that growth in Africa. In the plant extracts of aphrodisiac, yohimbine extract as men's health natural ingredients, coexist with epimedium extract and maca extract.
Epimedium stem leaf contains icriin, it has been most popular in the all of aphrodisiac class extracts, application is also most matures, although epimedium medicinal materials rise in price, the current terminal companies will not give up the use of epimedium extract. Just even terminal companies still demands for high price of epimedium extract, but from a cost point of view, do not rule out future downstream enterprises seek other alternative ingredients, to alleviate the wild epimedium tight supply caused by the high cost of the status quo, and the time gap is by no means can do formula change overnight.
For China, yohimbine extract still in development, terminal health field has not been applied. It is dominated by the international market demand.
For the international market, yohimbine extract demand for countries main concentrated in the United States, Europe, Taiwan, according Herbridge Media. The United States demand is greater, it is increased 30% a year. In recent years, yohimbine extract market has been a steady, its price at around $40.
Domestic supplier for yohimbine extract is not much, which really imported raw materials and production no more than three, they main concentrated in Shaanxi, Sichuan, and Ningbo. With the growing market demand of yohimbine extract, currently, the imported yohimbine bark supply is plentiful, price is generally stable. It is expected market prices will not fluctuate in the future.
Participate in end products 
As early as in 2004, China has imported health care products which contains yohimbine extract, but in that affected consumer’s sense of trust for this product by pump propaganda in the process of translation for instruction. Also because there is no yohimbine extract application rules in China at present, so that it is still hasn’t health products companies to developing and using the ingredient.
While yohimbine as the main component of dietary supplements, it development are varied in the international market, daily dose is ranging from 400-500 mg. Yohimbine extract optimum doses of 400 mg, and mostly comprehensive use with ashwagandha extract, epimedium extract, tribulus terrestris extract, ginkgo biloba extract, fish oil and other natural ingredients.
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