Epimedium extract rise in price again
Epimedium high-quality source to reduce and market price keep growing
Epimedium market demands has been popular with domestic pharmaceutical companies and extract production enterprises, the market price also has a certain appeal. Herbalist premature excavation of epimedium in order to catch up with the good price early, lead to epimedium that growth has not yet been "mature" effective content is insufficient, and its price rising as labor costs rise, continued market demand is also the driving force for this trend. Epimedium become increasingly difficult to buy, which up by no less than 20% this year, and now, there is still a rising trend, according related entrepreneur told to Herbridge Media.
Epimedium extract has long been loved by terminal enterprises due to the rigid demand. Since the new production, the market price of epimedium extract has begun fluctuations in this year. Until August, with 98% of epimedium extract as an example, the market price is increase by at least 20% compared with before June. Epimedium market price still not have trend to decline, it is expected epimedium extract will floating upward, according Herbridge Media.
10% Single glucoside market price chart from January to August in 2014
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Epimedium terminal new formula development cost has growth
Up to now China's exports for epimedium extract more than 100 tons, market prices continue to rise, terminal demand for international has little impact, according LAYN told to Herbridge Media. That will affect the market development of new formula and products. It’s in animal feed and other new fields of applications will further increase the market demand.
Epimedium extract market is dominated by Europe and America, supplemented with Asian, according TRG Bio told to Herbridge Media. Among them is given priority to with the Japanese market, southeast Asia is given priority to with Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, as well as the Middle East market, Australia market demand, mainly used in health care products market. With the new areas of application development, the prospects for epimedium extract market may more favorable.
Epimedium extract market demand has been bullish, despite epimedium extract on the market was tight, and it can also meet the demand for present, Shaanxi Sheng hua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. told to Herbridge Media. It is expected to the current price is not the end of growth.
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