Honeysuckle extract market is stable for a moment
Honeysuckle extract demand is about 400 tons each year in China, according Herbridge Media. Most of the pharmaceutical factory using the Specification is 5% of honeysuckle extract on the market, such as Europe and America, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Southeast Asia. A purity of 98-99% of honeysuckle extract was used in the fields of cosmetics and food additives in foreign markets.
The trend for honeysuckle extract market demand is growth in the past two years. But its development is not clear in future. Because it most of supply customers are mainly domestic pharmaceutical factory. SFDA strengthen for the regulation of traditional Chinese medicine factory constantly, honeysuckle extract there is no national standard, if there is no APIs productive qualification to supplier, and supply is limited for the traditional Chinese medicine factory. It is expected to honeysuckle market will still keep a steady supply in the next period of time.
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