Honeysuckle extract market is stable for a moment
Honeysuckle production is declining, price is floating upward
Honeysuckle is a perennial plant, it grow easier, using number of it up to about 9000 tons in the field of plant extracts annually, according Herbridge Media. Pharmaceutical plants are mainly demand areas, such as Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Henan Fusen Group, Henan Taloph, Guizhou Bailing. As two herb tea suppliers, the honeysuckle consumption of Wong Lo Kat and Jiadoubao accounts for at least 27% of the total market supply every year, while honeysuckle extract consumption of 30-40% of the total market supply.
Since less planting area and influenza pandemic, high quality honeysuckle prices surged to a peak of ¥160/ kg in 2008, Xinxiang Biocare told to Herbridge Media. In later years, honeysuckle the market price gradually decline to the rational price. The market price of the high quality honeysuckle still at about¥ 110/kg by 2014.
It is expected to honeysuckle market will still keep a steady supply.
High quality honeysuckle market trend reference diagram from January to July in 2014
Units:¥/ kg
Honeysuckle extract has a great demand at home and abroad
Jinrui industrial Co., Ltd., Shuangpai county, Hunan Province told to Herbridge Media that honeysuckle extract demand is about 400 tons each year in China. Most of the pharmaceutical factory using the Specification is 5% of honeysuckle extract on the market, such as Europe and America, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Southeast Asia. A purity of 98-99% of honeysuckle extract was used in the fields of cosmetics and food additives in foreign markets.
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