2014CPHI&FIA interview record by Herbridge Media
June,CPHI-SHANGHAI, Herbridge Media interviewed CCCMHPIE organization、China Herbal Ingredients Association and other main manufacturers
Liu Zhanglin, vice chairman of CCCMHPIE ORG told to the Herbridge Media, this exhibition will be held in Shanghai CPHI with other six solo exhibition at the same time, the CPHI is the highest level of international exhibitions, with large-scale and high-level, its exhibiting companies has more than 3000, visitors reach 50000, according to preliminary estimates. CCCMHPIE organization to make a lot of practical efforts in promoting national policy and enterprise environment development for promote the industry development; actively promote the development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry and plant extracts. China CCCMHPIE ORG Herbal Ingredients Association will further do more in order to promote China plant extracts internationalization development and the international brand. Plant extracts industry is high degree of industrial chain links as a special industry. There are many aspects of practitioners in the plant resources related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers problems, high value-added extract technology and provided to intake for people's health and nutrition products, and unique competitiveness in the international market, promoting China's economic development.
David Zhang, director of China CCCMHPIE ORG Herbal Ingredients Association, for the exhibition points out that Chinese plant extracts industry faces the following issues:
1. Chinese plant extracts industry remains some issues such as products similar, product serial strong repeatability. It's not good for the manufacturers and ingredients industry.
2. The International visitors are less than previous years. Now, more and more International company with offices in China, or domestic proxy agent, international company will entrust domestic offices or agents to come to understand such basic exhibition basically. This market performance of China as the center is good for the industry.
3. Chinese plant extracts industry products lack of innovation, enterprises participated product updates few in the annual, international buyers are familiar with Chinese products increasingly, and expectation value is reduced greatly for multinational exhibition new harvest. This is the Chinese plant extracts industry need to be considered that how to attract more attentions. 
Yu Zhibin, secretary general of China CCCMHPIE ORG Herbal Ingredients Association told to the Herbridge Media, CCCMHPIE ORG completed 7 plant extracts of chamber of commerce standard last year, the work gets the attention of the United States pharmacopoeia committee (USP), and USP will pick three varieties to cooperate. China CCCMHPIE ORG Herbal Ingredients Association will start second round of this year plant extracts standards setting, and want to stand on the height of cooperation of the two sides, with USP will jointly promote Chinese plant extracts standards. As plant extracts in China's largest export market in the United States, a move that will vigorously promote our country extract in the United States market access and market recognition. Yu Zhibin also said that CCCMHPIE ORG will also consider promoting industry GEP certification, reasonable, environmental protection, healthy, efficient and perfect production process as the premise of produce good products, complementary with enterprise credit evaluation system. To abandon price competition era of Chinese plant extracts industry, make health industry of quality decision price and reputation in the future.
Alan Liao, general manager of Suzhou Purplestone Biotech Co., Ltd. told to the Herbridge Media, this exhibition huge harvest, Purplestone launch sources of black rice pigment. Meanwhile, its factory in Suzhou will also produce natural probiotic ingredients of microbial sources. Alan Liao always advises that businesses to put forth effort in-depth development of their products, maximizes the value of plant extracts products. However, there always have some problems in the aspect of global food safety such as product of pesticide residues, heavy metal. Those are influence export industry of Chinese plant extracts each year, so company should be made more refined product from raw material, machining process, the production line into the sales to establish traceability links.
Richard Li, sale director of Skyherb told to the Herbridge Media, CPHI still be thought of as the most important plant extracts trade show in China, over the years enterprises in the factory and the product level are promoted, and the CPHI has become an important platform of enterprises and peer communication and customer reception. Skyherb is a technical enterprise, is committed to upgrading technology products, the company's green coffee bean extract and grape seed extracts, apple polyphenols in terms of international recognition is very high. While actively involved in plant extracts industry standard drafting work in China, Skyherb is also the herbal medicine association member unit. It introduced new ginseng extract, green tea extract and cranberry extract this year in order to adapt to market development. This a few product itself on the world market has great coverage, but based on the enterprise between the good and bad are intermingled, so it also has the very big promotion space in this kind of product technology and services, Skyherb will continue to strive for bulk products among the ranks of suppliers.
There is a big gap between the market of Zhejiang province and the international, Skyherb as plant extracts industry young enterprise itself has a lot to standardize space, the future of it will be based on technologies to promote the core competitiveness, positioning raw material manufacturers to provide more technologies and services for the terminal customers. At the same time, combining with greatly health market of China, a lot of food enterprises have begun to focus on the plant ingredients, enterprise will seize the opportunity to develop the domestic market in the future.
Liu Zhimou, general manager of Hunan Nuoze Bio told to the Herbridge Media, Hunan Nuoze Bio formerly known as Jilin Tonghua Nuoze biological technology Co., Ltd., relying on the northeast of China plant resources, combining with the company of healthful concept of "professional quality cast, science and technology to create value" to developed schisandra fruit extract with independent intellectual property rights, water-soluble extracts from fructus schisandrae can improve sleep, protect the heart. Fat-soluble extracts from fructus schisandrae (active ingredient of lignin) can protect liver. Product specification also can be supply from 1% to 98%.
On the exhibition, Hunan Nuoze Bio launched lead effect of poria cocos extract, its Poria cocos extract signature ingredient is poria cocos, compared to most of market proportion extracts efficacy composition is not quantitative. The demands of poria cocos extract are widely used in the fields of anti-tumor or anti-aging food supplements, health care products and cosmetics. The expelling lead of efficacy of poria cocos extract will make big market opportunities in the future.
Zhang Baotang, general manager of Nutra-Max told to the Herbridge Media, plant extracts enterprises in China should be further developed more additional value of their own products, because Chinese plant extracts industry has an irreplaceable advantage in the global market. Plant extracts should reflect its value as natural resources to support human health. It is recommended that companies should maximize the value of the product itself, to put an end to cheap sell as much as possible.
Dr. Xu Yingjian, commercial director in the asia-pacific region of Phosphonics told to the Herbridge Media, Phosphonics has a wide range of applications in synthesis of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and petrochemical industry. Its chairman of the investment attaches great importance to the Chinese market, the animal extracts and plant extracts industry as a development priority in the next 2-3 years, because as China and the global importance of food safety, plant extracts manufacturer's terminal customer (downstream buyers) of requirements more strictly for heavy metals standards than national standards prescribed by the laws and regulations, such as laws and regulations standard of heavy metals residues for ginseng extract is not higher than 10 PPM, but customers will ask enterprises to controlled it at 0.5 PPM or less. That needs Phosphonics help enterprises to realize. Phosphonics adsorbent of the ability of catch heavy metals is high; its special functional groups hang together with silicon through covalent bond forms, and it can be dissolved in water and organic solvents. While plant extracts industry more used water extraction or alcohol extraction in the process of production, can be realize the efficient removal of heavy metals on the production process for the enterprise. Phosphonics would like to provide reliable technical support for producing low heavy metal residues of enterprises of Chinese plant extract.
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