Herbridge survey: Silymarin market increased steadily
Since the second half of 2012, silymarin market as a whole is relatively stable, according Herbridge Media. But as the inventory consumption step by step, starting from the second half of 2014, prices are likely to gradually enter the slowly rising channel. In the price of Silybum marianum is expected in the near future still is given priority to with stability, and will be fluctuated slightly.
At present, Appchem told Herbridge Media, silymarin demand in the international market is about 1000 tons, which domestic demand accounts for some 20% of the total demand; the supply of Silybum marianum in the international market to about 70% of total demand, because China is the leading exporter of international Silybum marianum. Other major export countries are the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, etc.
Mr. Hu, President of Appchem said that the supply of Silybum marianum mainly set up a file in the Panjin area before 2011, because of the influence of the raw material area. In recent years, with the diversified development of the market demand, especially the rapidly increasing demand for high-end products with special specifications, cause as domestic plant extracts technology advantages of the main hub of xi 'an more prominence, makes xi 'an region high-end Silybum marianum extract supply important areas.
The supply of raw Silybum marianum largely determines silymarin market trend. According to incomplete statistics, China cultivated area of Silybum marianum is about 0.2~0.25 million of acres in 2014, the annual output of about 15000 tons of milk thistle seeds. If not a major natural disaster, production basic meet the market demand, market supply will maintain the basic balance as a whole in the future. Late in the first half of 2015, supply may be tight; prices are likely to have certain rises.
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