Radix puerariae extracts may rise in the future
Radix puerariae tablet mainly derived from wild resources as raw materials for the extraction. Due to its strong ability of regeneration, the market supply of radix puerariae is adequate, but which of high content is dwindling. Thus, the cost of it extract is increasingly high.
Although sales volume of puerarin is increased year by year from 2000 to 2007, the price is  reduced, puerarin which content is the 99.5% from the highest 20000 yuan/Kg drop to 1500 yuan/Kg now; since 2007,the sales of pueraria flavonoid had stable growth each year, but the market prices has little change. For example, take the ultraviolet detection of 40% pueraria flavones. In recent years, with the extraction process of improvement, raw material cost of it has rise constantly, while price has been steadily even dropped.
common specifications and applications of radix puerariae extracts
Specification           detection method     applications
40% pueraria flavones    UV / HPLC        the raw materials of health products that lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fat
80% pueraria flavones    UV / HPLC      the raw material that can alternative pueraria medicinal herbs
15% puerarin             HPLC           Gegen Qinlian Tablets, 
Kudzu root medicine alcohol extract
30% puerarin             HPLC           Estrogen-containing highest specifications,
                                     Can be used for menopausal women health care
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