China May Export More Bilberry Extract
Bilberry in Europe is the main source of Bilberry extract, but China produces bilberry extract for ten more years and has established its brand on the world. China exported more than 180 tons of Bilberry serial products with the value of $80 million in 2013. 

The Bilberry price remained stable at the first half of 2013, and dropped on the good harvest at the second half of the year, according to Huacheng Bio. The extract price dropped over 20 percent accordingly. Most domestic manufacturers schedule production when they receive orders. They also take care to import bilberry before the harvest, so the price decrease doesn't bring big loss to them.

Manager Huang told the export value may increase 10 to 20 percent to $90 million or $100 million in 2014.

Main reasons are:
1 Major players in China have established a good reputation on the world.
2 The players are good at technology improvements and quality control, and they can increase the extraction rate and gradually decrease the production cost on the premise of good quality, which will help them grab more market share from counterpart in the west.
3 Strong demand persists

The bilberry market is still determinate by the demand, which means that the market is large but with low profit margin and heavy investment.

The new entrants should have courage, excellent sale skills and strong technical team. But it is hard to say they will make profit in this sector.

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