Soybean Isoflavones: Patented Free Ones Available

Most Isoflavones source from high-quality non-GMO soybeans in Heilongjiang province. Originated in developed countries such as Japan, Europe and America, Isoflavones, as herbal estrogen, are proven to decrease the risk of cancers, heart diseases and osteoporosis, and improve climacteric symptom.

Most consumers don't know whether the isoflavones they eat are absorbed. There are two kinds of isoflavones, aglycone isoflavone(active) and glucoside isoflavone(non-active). Most supplements contain glucoside isoflavone rather than aglycone isoflavone, which means that the nutrition can't be absorbed. Based on original isoflavones, the newly developed free isoflavones have applied for patent. Featured by aglycone isoflavone, the patented one primarily contains more active genistein, daidzein and glycitin. The refined one can resist heat and gastric acid. Therefore, the new product is easier to be absorbed into stomach and intestines. It's an potential product, according to Xiamen Allycare Biotech.

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