Remarks on China's Fenugreek Extract Market
Fenugreek extract's benefits on type 2 diabetes and sexual activity have been recognized and accepted on international market, especially in America. The available ingredients on the market include 4-hydroxyisoleucine, Furostanol saponins and Fenugreek saponins. With more applications, Fenugreek saponins is mainly for health products with erectile benefits. The market for Fenugreek extract grows by 20 percent per year and the future is bright, according to

Fenugreek extract has been gradually accepted and seen increasing demand in the USA. There are three standards on Fenugreek extract in herbal ingredients' standards of ten more products' standards issued by USP, which increases the marketing influence and recognition of Fenugreek extract, said a person from Chengdu Hesheng Biotech.

Furostanol saponins is our patented product with competitive price. The product has not been developed in India, the competitor. The demand is probably to see an increase, but the price may not change significantly, said a person from Hunan Jinham Biomeomoical Technology.

The patent application is one of the steps for herbal manufacturers to protect themselves and increase competitive power. Undoubtedly, it is a feasible plan to find their preponderent products or class in fiercer and fiercer competition.

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